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A standalone novel Dream For Me from Loose Id.
Coming Soon
A short story Loose Cannon from JMS Books due out in October. My first ever F/F story!
A short story Role Model in the Hot Off The Press anthology from Dreamspinner Press due out in November.
Recently Released
A short story Ninety-nine Problems in the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology from Dreamspinner Press.
Ganymede Tilt and Chrysalis Cage in print as a two novel anthology.

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Dream For Me Too Good A Man The Company Man Patient Z Chrysalis Cage Ganymede Tilt Higher Ground Stowaway Cover Liar's Waltz cover

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Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink Designs Lashings of Sauce Cover Reclaiming Territory Cover Not Quite Shakespeare Anthology

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Interview with Guest Kay Berrisford

Welcome to my fellow m/m romance writer and sometimes beta reader, Kay Berrisford. Kay’s answering a few questions about writing in general and about the re-release of Catching Kit

1. Most fun part of being a writer?
Creating characters is fantastic fun. When I’m stuck, it’s often because I haven’t got to know my characters properly or finished my research on their background.

Right now, I’m working on the second book in my Underground Elves series, Alfie’s Game, and I’m having a great time getting to know my MCs. It’s an opposites attract story. John is very shy and sweet. He’s a believer in alien conspiracies and the paranormal and avoids leaving the house unless he has to. However, he’s going to be drawn out of his shell by Alfie, an elf who is very outgoing and wants to be a theatre star.
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