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DreamForMe_BeckyBlack - LJ IconA standalone novel Dream For Me from Loose Id.
Coming Soon
A short story Loose Cannon from JMS Books due out in October. My first ever F/F story!
A short story Role Model in the Hot Off The Press anthology from Dreamspinner Press due out in November.

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Dream For Me Too Good A Man The Company Man Patient Z Chrysalis Cage Ganymede Tilt Higher Ground Stowaway Cover Liar's Waltz cover

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Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink Designs Lashings of Sauce Cover Reclaiming Territory Cover Not Quite Shakespeare Anthology

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Is it time to change the advice on plagiarism?

Plagiarism illustration: From WikiMedia Commons, public domain.New writers are often deathly afraid of plagiarism. They pop up on forums asking what’s to stop someone who reads their story from taking it and publishing it as their own. Other people usually tell them to stop worrying about it, it’s very unlikely!

But every week we seem to see another plagiarist exposed – which is probably just the tip of the iceberg. So is it time to change the answer to the question? What should the new answer be?
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