How to react to a negative review

Okay, someone reviewed your book on Goodreads or Amazon or a blog, whatever, and they hated it. Oh wow did they hate it! They gave it one star and explained at length all the ways they think it sucks.

Now what do you do? Of course what you absolutely do not do is respond to it. Not on the review itself, not on your blog, not on Twitter, not anywhere. We’re all clear on that one by now, right? But responding and reacting are not the same. Naturally you’re going to react to it. So what options do you have to cope with it? You could of course not react at all. Accept you can’t please everyone and put it out of you mind. They’ve got the right to an opinion. I can take it. It’s just fine…no, I’m not grinding my teeth.

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New Release – Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon Cover

Tomorrow, 12th October, my newest release, an 18,000 word story (which is either very long short story or a very short novella) will be available from JMS books and from other resellers – check the book page for reseller links as I get them.

No, you’re not dreaming, those are women on the cover! This is my first ever F/F story. So after 9 novels and several shorts that are M/M what made me suddenly try a F/F story? I’ll be honest – it was a whim.

I had a passing thought, could I write a F/F story? It might have been on Twitter even, can’t remember. Of course as soon as the thought crossed my mind a couple of characters started waving and shouting “Pick me! Pick me!” And the story idea gradually took shape from there.

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Drink your Pumpkin Spice Latte and read the links

Picture by Danielle ScottIt’s that time of year again, when the rest of the world asks “Why are Americans so obsessed with pumpkins anyway?” While we ponder this question and look forward to Halloween – and more importantly NaNoWriMo – try out these links.

Tea and No Sympathy: the Invisible Editor
KJ Charles about how the best editing leaves no trace it ever happened.

And of course, because editors are invisible, you get people thinking they don’t need them. Authors who refuse to accept editing, self-published authors who say, ‘I’ll get my friend to read it over’. And, worse, people who work as editors without really understanding the job. People who think it’s about tidying up, who have no idea how to tackle deep structure or tonal issues or limp characterization, or how to do that without breaking an author’s heart.

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What is a real name anyway?

What is a “real” name anyway?

Facebook LogoAccording to Facebook it’s your legal name. The one you’d be married under, or arrested under. They want it. They’ve always had a policy that says you have to set up your Facebook profile with your legal name, but many people ignored that, and nobody at Facebook seemed to take much notice. There was only apparent enforcement of the policy on dubious spam profiles, rather than of the profiles of real people – whatever they called themselves.

But suddenly, Facebook is cracking down, enforcing a policy more often honoured in the breach than the observance previously. You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about Facebook going into battle against drag artists who have profiles set up under the name they use on stage. Facebook says they should be using Pages instead. Why they’ve apparently clamped down on drag artists in particular, who can say? But for sure this will only be the start. Lots of people use a name that’s not their legal name on Facebook, and this has implications for all of them.
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The dangers of falling in love with your characters.

By JorgenCarlbergWriters often say they love their characters, literally, like they were real people. Romance writers especially say they fall in love with their heroes. And why not? After all if the writer doesn’t love him how can they convince readers that the heroine – or other hero – is in love with him? I don’t disagree with this. There are some of my characters I love. But there are some dangers to this for the writer.
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