Newest Releases
A re-release of my short story Role Model,
now available individually for the first time.

The short story Wake-Up Call is now also available in the anthology Top Ten Gay Romance 2017 from JMS Books

My Books

You may have heard the news that Loose Id, publisher of many of my books, is closing in May 2018. Please read my blog post for what my plans are for my books. I’ll blog about more details when I have them. I’ll be trying to minimise the amount of time any of my books are unavailable.


Into the Sunrise cover. Art by Mina Carter Mapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez. Immutable Cover art by Maria Fanning Dream For Me

Z World books

Patient Z Assumed Dead 100x150

The Red Dragon Series

The Company Man Too Good A Man

Travelers Series

Stowaway Cover Ganymede Tilt

My Shorts

Me and My Big Mouth 400x600 wedded_to_calamity_400x600.jpg
Loose Cannon Cover Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink Designs Reclaiming Territory Cover

2016_top_ten_romance_400x600 Lashings of Sauce Cover

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Shoot the Humans First TBOHJ Cover Reclaiming Territory Cover