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Immutable cover by Maria Fanning Mapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez. Cover by Scott Carpenter Tempting The Stars cover by Scott Carpenter

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Patient Z Dream For Me Mapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez. Immutable Cover art by Maria Fanning
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Hot Off The Press anthology Loose Cannon Cover Not Quite Shakespeare Anthology Reclaiming Territory Cover Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink Designs Lashings of Sauce Cover

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Linky Birthday to me

Okay, so the actual birthday was a couple of days ago, but close enough. Enjoy some lovely links for August!

Perfectionism is Murdering Your Muse
Veronica Sicoe’s excellent post about how to face and slay that dread beast, perfectionism.

Perfectionists are so obsessed with the fear of failure (which always follows them, since it’s nearly impossible to plan and work for that 1% of stellar success) that they become paralyzed. They constantly overplan, overthink, overprepare, second-guess, change their minds, backtrack and “correct,” then change their plans again, because they can’t face the possibility that their efforts might not lead to absolute success. That they might just be another writer, instead of THE Author.

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