Nervous versus excited

Right now I don’t know if I’m more nervous than excited or vice versa.

Why this dithering? Because on the 4th of January 2011 my first published novel will be released by Loose Id. It’s called Liar’s Waltz and it’s a m/m science fiction romance. I’ll post about the full details of the book, the cover and where to buy as soon as they are available. Meanwhile, check out some basic details here: Liar’s Waltz.

Liar’s Waltz is my first published novel, but it’s not the first one I wrote. I’d been writing for some years before I felt ready to take the next step and submit, which I did in early summer 2010. I’m very excited to be moving on to the next stage of my writing life, publication and building a career and readership for my work.

Of course I’m hoping Liar’s Waltz is the first of many novels I get published. Right now in the same universe as Liar’s Waltz I have two more novels completed in draft form – one that I’ve started editing – and at least two more ideas to plan and write. Once I’ve done all of those I have a stash of other ideas to work on. I hope you’ll be seeing lots more of me in the future.

I’ll post regularly on here with news about releases, reviews, my works in progress and what’s going on in my writing life.


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