In the works

So what else have you got?

Liar’s Waltz is my first published novel, but I hope not the last. I have various other stories I’m working on, all at various stages, some in the same “universe” as Liar’s Waltz.

Right now I’m editing a novel called Stowaway (all titles are provisional!) and it won’t be too long before I’m ready to submit it. When escaped prisoner Kit stows away aboard a space freighter he’s quickly captured and put to work. Security chief Raine has to keep a close eye on Kit – something he finds not at all a chore. But the end of the voyage will bring inevitable separation, unless they can find a way to be together. I’m having lots of fun with Stowaway. The characters are a bit less brooding and angsty than in Liar’s Waltz – Kit especially – so I can do more of my very favourite thing – snappy banter.

I also have a completed draft called Higher Ground, awaiting editing. I wrote it last November during NaNoWriMo* and it even has a blurb/summary I created for the novel info pages on the NaNoWriMo site.

The fight to survive a natural disaster tests two young men – and their developing love – to the limit.

Adam isn’t sure if Zach is right when he claims their island colony home is about to sink into the sea of an alien world. Still, he’s happy to follow the intense and brilliant geologist into the mountains; though he’d be even happier without three hundred other people – and their pets – tagging along.

But Zach is right and as disaster begins to unfold towards an unstoppable, inevitable conclusion, the two young scientists must become a team in the fight to save their people. In the face of danger they draw strength from their developing relationship. But can it survive the challenges ahead?

The higher Adam and Zach climb the more difficult the tests they face – as lovers and as men.

Of course, the story needs editing yet, and could change, but yes, this is it in a nutshell.

In even earlier stages I have one with the working title Hearts and Mines, about a mining company negotiating a new productivity deal with a union – or rather, about the high-flying executive tasked with getting the deal through and the firebrand union man opposing him, who just happen to fancy the pants off each other. I’m hoping to start on the draft for that soon after I submit Stowaway.

And there are several more which are too vague even to talk about yet! Some in this “universe”, others not. I’m not running out of ideas for some time yet. One good thing about being a writer, one idea begets another. They never stop coming. And once one is written and finished it leaves brain space for a new one.

I hope by this time next year I’ll be able to talk about “my first published novel” in the context of there being at least one more!

* Watch this space, because I will write a post about NaNoWriMo, what it’s meant to me and how it helped me progress as a writer.


4 thoughts on “In the works

  1. …and how you like to recruit for NaNoWriMo every year newbie writers! (I’m sure you’re on commission).

    Wow, your brain is busy. Good luck. I really do think you’ll have more than one novel under your belt this time next year.

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