The Second Annual UK Meeting of m/m Writers and Readers

I’ll be attending the second annual UK meeting of m/m writers and readers later this year. The first one happened last year in the lovely city of Ely and though small it was great to put faces to names and get to know folks in person. I’m kind of shy around real people as opposed to internet people, but knowing they’re like-minded individuals helps!

This year the event is on the 23rd of July in Milton Keynes.
Full details are here: UK Meet Website
It will be mostly UK-based people, but there are some coming from abroad too. It’s open to all, so come sign up!

It should be fun. We UK folks don’t have as many great big conventions and conferences as seem to be available every weekend in the US, so any chance to meet fellow writers and readers without having to fly to America is welcome.

I’m planning to make a weekend of it. Go down the day before, come home the day after, and probably make a side trip to the museum of the famous Bletchley Park, home of codebreaking and computer development in World War II.

Hope to see you there.

One thought on “The Second Annual UK Meeting of m/m Writers and Readers

  1. I’m hoping to be there. Of course the date is when hub is away on business which is absolutely typical, but I’m hoping that I can get my Mum to look after the kids so I can come on the Saturday and maybe stay overnight to Sunday.

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