Stowaway submission sent

Now there’s an alliterative post title…

I’ve submitted the query for my second novel, Stowaway. Please, keep everything crossed for me.

It was probably slightly less nervous-making than sending out Liar’s Waltz, though I still read over the guidelines and checked everything the requisite zillion times. But at least this time it doesn’t feel quite as much like taking off in a plane which might not have enough fuel on board.

I managed to do it faster too. Not so much that the work of putting the package together was any faster, but there was less “hovering over but not clicking the Send button, while having just one more read through the letter…” Not none, but less.

My favourite tip for sending queries — and any other important emails that you want to be absolutely sure are correct before they go where you can’t get them back — put the recipient’s name in last of all. I know I usually start an email by filling in who it’s going to, and most of the time, that’s fine. Until that one time the send button gets mysteriously clicked before the email is ready to go. It avoids the “cat walking over keyboard sending a partially drafted mail while you were away getting coffee” scenario. No recipient, means it’s going nowhere until you’re absolutely sure it’s ready for the big bad world.

Of course the key is then to make sure you pick the right recipient…

Speaking of queries, here’s an excellent post from Angela James at Carina Press:
Things we don’t reject books for.
The overall message seems to be, focus on writing a good book and don’t fret too much about the minutiae of the query process. Which isn’t to say, be sloppy. All the publishers have their guidelines and it can only help you to follow them, just don’t work yourself into a froth about them.

And just in case you get complacent:
Reasons Carina (and any publisher!) reject manuscripts.

Now to try to forget about the Stowaway submission and do other stuff – which is so much easier said than done!


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