Monthly News Round Up

Well it is monthly now. That’s my new schedule – the first weekend of the month the post will be a news round up.

It’s been a red pen kind of time lately.

My red pens
This is not an advert for Uniball - see, there's a Pilot!

I’ve had a week of intense edits with my editor on Stowaway, a faster turnaround required than for Liar’s Waltz, so even though the changes weren’t as extensive having to do them faster made sure I couldn’t get complacent there! The content edits are now complete and it goes to the line editors – the nitpickers! But after all I learnt from the line editing rounds last time – which was a lot – I compiled a list of all my problem words and other little issues and worked from that during the Stowaway edit, so let’s hope they have fewer things to pick up for this book. By this time next month the edits may be almost entirely complete – including final proofing ahead of the expected release date of 23rd August.

Higher Ground The draft I’m currently editing had to go on hold for a few days while I worked on the Stowaway edits, but I resume working on it today. I’m part way through chapter 5 of 23. My current expectation is being ready to submit this one some time in August.

And after that I’ve officially started planning the next draft after the Higher Ground edit is complete and – probably – a story to work on for the NaNoWriMo event. So that would be two drafts back to back! Which I’d like as I feel like so far this year I’ve done a lot of editing and not so much new writing.

What else am I up to?
UK GLBT Fiction meetThis month I’ll be attending the second annual meeting for fans and writers of MM / FF, GLBT on the 23rd of July in Milton Keynes. I hope to see some of you there. If you haven’t got it already grab yourself a copy of the free souvenir anthology of short stories, British Flash. I’ll do a report about the meet by the end of the month, and I’ll no doubt be tweeting while there, so follow me on Twitter to check out my thoughts one the day as it happens.

British Flash anthology


2 thoughts on “Monthly News Round Up

  1. Sounds like you’ve been really busy!

    I’m wondering about doing NaNo myself this year… It should be just after my main promo stint for Barging In is over, and it would be good to get immersed in a project that way. Even better if I had a completed first draft of a new novel at the end of the month. Hmmm…. Will have to give it some serious thought. How much pre-planning do you do for it? We’ll have to have a chat about it at the Meet 🙂

    1. I do as much planning as I would for anything, maybe more actually, because I don’t want to sit down with a word count quota for the day with no idea what’s supposed to happen next. Be happy to chat about it in Milton Keynes. I can natter about NaNo all day. 😀

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