Lovely links

In my new blog schedule the 4th weekend of the month is a post of links to sites and articles about writing that I’ve found useful or entertaining this month.

Where I am right now.
And on that theme – why it’s important to attend writer’s conferences

M/M romance specific
Tara Stevens of Carina Press acquisitions team talks about recently found love for m/m.
Straight women & gay romance

Why you are receiving rejections
25 things you should know about dialogue (lots of swearing!)
The use of character data sheets.
Obsession, it can be a good thing
Plot Like a Bestseller: 8 Things You Should Know
9 words you’re confusing with other words
Fwack your thats and bonk your ings

Writing Meta
Seasons of a writer’s life
Where Do You Not Get Your Ideas?
Writing for now a little later or the long haul

Writing business
How to write a terrific author bio
Secrets of a great pitch 1
Secrets of a great pitch 2

And after all that educational stuff, have a laugh with a giant metal chicken.

Next week – my report on the UK LGBT writers meet in Milton Keynes.

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