Monthly News Round Up – August

The red pens have been busy again this last month. Except for my weekend away in Milton Keynes at the UK GLBT M/M F/F fiction writers meet. See last week’s post for some thoughts from the meet. It was both fun and informative and I’m looking forward to next year’s already.

So what’s going on with the works in progress?


All the edits for Stowaway are now complete. The next time I see the text it will be in an ebook! The release date is 23rd of August, so watch out for posts over the next few weeks about cover art and blurb and so on. The book page on Loose Id is there, though at the time of writing doesn’t have much on it yet. Watch this space.

Higher Ground

I’ve been working on Higher Ground all month, editing chapter by chapter. This weekend I’m working on the final chapter. Once that’s done it’s time to go through the whole thing once more for final polishing. After that, it’s time to start putting the query together for submission. I think I will definitely have it ready for submission by the end of August.

Next draft and after that.

The next draft is still nameless – frustratingly – even though I’ve done a fair bit of planning on it already. I’ll be putting the outline together in August and intend to start drafting it around the start of September. Beyond that, assuming I manage to get the Nameless draft finished by then, I have a cunning plan for what I will write in November for NaNoWriMo, which should be the first story in a series. I’ve had a lot of ideas for this the last few weeks. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And if you don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be doing a post about that! I love NaNoWriMo.

I hope by next month nameless story will have a name!

5 thoughts on “Monthly News Round Up – August

  1. You’ve been busy!

    I’m amazed at how late Loose Id leave the cover art compared to Samhain – mind you, there’s a much longer wait between acceptance and publication with Samhain, so I suppose they have more opportunity to get it ready…

    1. Yeah, I think last time I only saw it quite a short time before publication. And this time it’s been an even shorter turnaround from acceptance to publication, so everything’s on a shorted timetable.

      I wonder if they decide that time partly on how much editing they think the book needs. This one had fewer changes to make to it than the last one.

      1. I know! Though, in some strange way, I’ll be interested how the final version of Higher Ground turns out (and if you took any notice of my comments :-P)

        I really liked the concept for Higher Ground, plot wise. So I do hope you get to sell it too 😉

        I just need to pull my own finger out…

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