Last links of the summer

It’s turning distinctly autumnal outside. Enjoy some reading while hoping for one last heatwave. Here are a few things that have caught my eye this month.


What history and fantasy have in common by Alex Beecroft
The black moment deconstructed
The storyteller and the wordsmith
Characters haven’t always read the script, by Sarah Duncan
Using save the cat moments
No plotters allowed!
Creating the middle of the story using the three Rs

Five(!) from what’s rapidly becoming my favourite writing blog – Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds. All as funny and full of swearing as usual.
Six signs you’re not ready to be a professional writer
25 ways to fuck with your characters
What it’s like being a writer
25 things writers should know about social media
The secret menu of writing advice


Stu Wakefield asks of m/m fiction – why does it matter who writes it?

Why I don’t mind critique by Erastes
Ten commandments for a happier writer
Why I read dark edgy m/m romance by Jenre
Do we need gatekeepers?

Three on a similar theme of high productivity and why it’s not always a good thing.
Why are so many writers in such a hurry?
The writer’s productivity trap
Keeping up with the Joneses by Josh Lanyon

A couple of random things

An update from J.L. Langley about the plagiarism case of a few months back.

Something I’ve seen generating a lot of discussion – a news story that says spoilers actually enhance stories.

Hope you find something useful or fun out of that lot! More links in September.

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