Autumn, season of links and mellow fruitfulness

Here are links to some interesting bits and bobs I’ve read in September.


The man in the grey flannel suit – a post by Josh Lanyon about writing about men for women writing m/m romance genre.
5 tips for writing a series at the Loose Id authors blog – also by Josh Lanyon. He’s a busy lad this month.
A post on the Carina Press blog about the importance of not making your characters appear to live in a world of total isolation aside from the love interest!
On Jesseswave, Nicole Kimberling talks about emphasising dramatised scenes over narration and back story.
Five things writing experts won’t tell you.
18 tips on how to stand out from the slush.

The writing life

Pros and cons of publishing with small presses.
Sound advice to “let your agent be the bad guy”.
The art of avoiding burn out
Josephine Myles talks about dealing with rejection.
Some tips about using promotional postcards.

Terrible Minds – it gets its own section! How does Chuck Wendig keep coming up with all this stuff and have time to write too?

Chuck answers readers emails. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
25 things you should know about queries synopses & treatments.
25 ways to plot plan and prep your story.
25 virtues writers should possess.

Meta and opinion
Allie Ritch posts about mixing sci-fi and other genres with romance. I contributed some thoughts too.
Across the digital divide: Why “print is dead” means “poor people don’t deserve to read”.

Cross Pen

6 thoughts on “Autumn, season of links and mellow fruitfulness

  1. Ooh, some really interesting posts linked there – thank you for doing this – it’s a great resource. Love the one about 5 things writing experts won’t tell you. So true!

    And thanks for including mine too ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yours was timely for me as well.

      I’m finding it very handy for myself to have these links posts so I can always go back and check them out later myself. I save up the list of links over the month and figure I might as well share them as just keep them to myself.

  2. I’m with Josephine on this one. I really enjoyed that article, “Five things writing experts wonโ€™t tell you.”

    I’d also like to thank you, Becky, for including the link to the mixed genres post on my site. You made a fantastic contribution by taking a critical look at the sci-fi romance genre and then relating it to your own writing process. I’m so glad you joined in, and everyone should definitely check out what you had to say.

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