News Round Up – October

September hasn’t been such a good month. Okay, having Stowaway out and enjoying that was good, but other things didn’t go so well.

Of the works in progress, the one I started writing last month, Chrysalis Cage, I ended up putting on hold after about 13,000 words as it wasn’t going well. This is very unlike me! I hope I’ll go back to it one day. Even worse than that, Higher Ground was rejected. On the plus side, the rejection was a “revise and resubmit” one, which means they suggested changes and would like to see it again. I like the suggestions so I’m going to do that. I started writing some new scenes today as it happens. So I’m still hopeful. And of course that’s only one publisher it’s been to so far.

Meanwhile, though I stopped one draft it was also partly because a different story is taking all my attention right now and I’m deep into planning and researching that one, working on an outline and planning to start the draft in November.

So it’s been a tough month, but I’m hopeful of better things going forward. Meanwhile to make up for a short and slightly gloomy post, here’s a picture of a hot guy.

Kit from Stowaway

There’s something about him that makes me think, yes, that’s Kit from Stowaway, possibly hiding out from the law some place in the wilds. I know if I was Raine I’d like to come home to this every day.

Next week: I’ll talk about the reason the next draft will be at least started in November – NaNoWriMo!


One thought on “News Round Up – October

  1. Hang in there, Becky. Sometimes the works you struggle with the most come out the best in the end. They just make you work harder for it.

    My personal method for handling those revise and resubmit rejections is to pitch a tantrum where no one can see or hear me, then jump right to work on revisions as soon as I have that out of my system, lol. Best of luck.

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