October Links Round up

Coffee cupsHere’s my 4th Weekend of the month round up of links to articles and blogs I’ve enjoyed and found useful over the past few weeks. Lots of great advice, information and some fun on the way. So pour yourself a cuppa and check them out.

M/M romance specific
M/M Romance or Gay Literature: What’s the Big Deal? Interesting post about the distinctions between the two.
Post by DiDi on why she loves m/m romance so much – can’t argue with that! Naughty picture and words, so NSFW.
A thoughtful, and much-commented on post, about whether some m/m readers are reaching saturation point.

About fiction
Deliciously Flawed Characters and Why I Love Them by Josephine Myles.
Heroes who cheat – a controversial topic!

About writing
The Bootstrapping Writer—The Secret at the Core of Competency. Good post about what will distinguish and amateur and a pro – clue: it’s not money.
Advice for Backroads Writers by Taryn Blackthorne.
Back to Basics and Eating our Grandmas. Fun stuff about grammar and punctuation.
Writerly Ramblings: Sensual, visceral and synesthetic. They tell you to use all five senses when writing. Jo asks, why only five? Maybe my favourite link this month.
How to write fiction by Jill Dawson. A big subject for one article, but has some very interesting thoughts.
Josh Lanyon on dialogue tags.

The usual collection from Terrible Minds (As funny and sweary as ever.)
Writers must kill self-doubt before self-doubt kills them.
25 things writers should know about theme.
25 things you should know about NaNoWriWo.
25 questions to ask as you write.

The business side
What leads the acquisition team to say no, even when the editor says yes?
Rejections from publishers–it’s not personal!
Should writers review each other? Seems even the big boys and girls worry about this.
3 Blunders That Can Kill Your Author Platform

And to finish A short but interesting video – five minutes with author Phillip Pullman

Next weekend – anything goes! It’s a five weekend month so weekend #5 can be about absolutely anything I fancy. See you then.


7 thoughts on “October Links Round up

  1. Yay – thanks for linking two of my posts! I just noticed someone is doing a guest blog at Romance University on “More than five senses” on Wednesday – seems like I’m ahead of the trend 😉

    1. Hey, it’s just one here and there that I then add to the list if I like it. I don’t sit and find them all at once! 😀

      Thanks for that award. Oh look, you found another excuse to post a picture of Bradley Cooper in only his undercrackers. 😀

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