November News

The big news this month is that Liar’s Waltz will be released in print, sometime in the next 90 days (I’ll give you the exact date when I know it.) Be nice if it’s in time for Christmas! Below is the lovely cover flat, with art by Anne Cain and the cover design by April Martinez.

Liar's Waltz Coverflat
Liar's Waltz Coverflat

And speaking of my books being more available, Stowaway is now available at various reseller sites:

Stowaway banner
Sony ebook store
All Romance Ebooks

Meanwhile back at the batcave…

I’ve been working on Higher Ground, and added about 15,000 words on the start of the story, and have edited them and am still working on more editing.

NaNoWriMoI completed outlining a new story, which could become a series, and I’m working on the draft of that right now, as a NaNoWriMo participant, taking advantage of the effect a bit of competition and a deadline has on me. You can see my progress here. Right this minute I’m nudging 15,000 words. I hope when I post my news roundup on the 3rd of December it will be to tell you that the 50,000 words are done and maybe even the whole draft.

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