Advent opinions

It’s so near Christmas, and who wants to start a fight near Christmas? Not me. I’m too busy for one. So here are some short and silly opinions about some things I think are good, some bad and some that wobble around the middle.


Terrible Minds – my favourite writing blog of the year.
Absolute Write Water Cooler forum – a big busy forum which I should probably stop spending so much time at.
NaNoWriMo – I’ve done it six times now. It suits me down to the ground.
Receiving royalties! – I don’t need to explain that one.
Twitter – It’s fun, it leads me to find loads of great links, it helps me connect with loads of great people.
Editors – they make my books better, how could I not love them?
Live Journal – poor old Live Journal, constantly embattled these days, against the might of the Russian establishment. But it hangs on and I still love it.
Pringles. Mmmm…Pringles…
Meeting other writers at the UK Meet – they never look like you imagined they would.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch – weirdly sexy. One of my characters looks like him in my mind.
And speaking of BC – Cabin Pressure. A BBC radio comedy I’ve fallen in love with this year. Cumberbatch’s character, Martin, is very different from his Sherlock Holmes.
Smartphones – what did I do before I had my tricorder? I mean smartphone. I suppose I managed to struggle through somehow, but it can’t have been much of a life.
My Kindle – it’s made me appreciate paper books more now I buy fewer of them – at least when they’re the lovely glossy hardback type full of gorgeous pictures.


Klout Who died and made Klout king of the Internet?
Google + – I admit, I’ve barely bothered after a first look. It looked like a pale Google imitation of Facebook (and I do mean “pale” literally. Don’t get me started on the Google “we hate contrast” new look.) Google does best when they innovate, not imitate.
The British railway system. The day commercial flights to the moon become available they’ll be cheaper than the price of standard class rail ticket from Aberdeen to London. And will get there quicker.
HMRC – that’s the tax man to you non-Brits. They’re not evil because they want some of my royalties money – that’s only annoying. They’re evil because they make to so hard to actually work out how much of said royalties they want! Dealing with the IRS was easier.
Amazon sales rank – Because we all need something else to track obsessively and worry about…

Things that are inbetween good and evil and yet I can’t give up.

Goodreads – I love it for tracking my own reading and finding new books to read, but the social networking aspects go a bit over my head.
Tumblr – (Can I buy a vowel, please?) It’s a nice space between Twitter and Live Journal or WordPress for a quick post with a bit more permanence than Twitter. And great for pictures. But its controls are minimalist to a fault.
Facebook – I’m warming to it a bit, but mostly for playing Scrabble and Words with Friends on.

Now I just wonder how I’ll feel about these various things at this time next year.


7 thoughts on “Advent opinions

  1. Hadn’t ever heard of Klout – maybe because I have none? :p And you know how I feel about those social networks 😉 But have to disagree with you on Absolute Write. They’re fine if you just read the advice bits (bearing in mind that there are a great many people on there who think everyone should write like they do or FAIL MISERABLY IN EVERYTHING THEY DO). But you also have to be very careful what you say – they also have their own version of PC and damn – don’t you cross it! But I got hooked on Terrible Minds thanks to you – that guy is crazy good 😀

        1. I was taken in my Klout at first, thought it looked cool. But it quickly started to freak me out. As well as apparently being based on nonsense. That part about you being “influential” on subjects. Mine included “cancer”. WTF? Are oncologists around the world flocking to my tweets, or wait, do I follow a joke horoscopes feed?

  2. I haven’t even looked at Google + – I already have enough social networking to contend with. I don’t ‘network’ that much on Goodreads either. I don’t see it to do that either.

    Good lists. 😀

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