Links to read while the Christmas dinner cooks

Are you called to write?
25 things you should know about your completed novel
25 things writers should know about rejection

Breaking into publishing
Stop Helping Yourself
Personalized rejections. Why not?
How to: withdrawing your book from consideration (Angela James often give great practical advice that doesn’t seem to show up elsewhere.)

The writing life
5 Most Dangerous Career Pitfalls For New Writers
25 financial fuck ups writers make

What to expect from an editorial letter

Why Twitter is THE Place for Writers
10 things authors should know about Twitter
HOW NOT TO BLOG: Beginning Blogging for Authors Part II

Happy Christmas if you’re celebrating, general best wishes otherwise! Back next weekend with a look back at my first year as a published writer.

8 thoughts on “Links to read while the Christmas dinner cooks

  1. Haven’t clicked on all the links, but clicked the How Not To Blog one. Very good. And interesting how so many people do have dark backgrounds and white font for blogs. I find them a real turn off! “Hurts my eyes, hurts my eyes!”

    I think I’m doing okay with my blog… just I do post sporadically, rather than on a certain day. But I do try to do once a week… unless I’m doing an advent calendar 😛

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