Liar’s Waltz Print Release Contest

This contest is now closed. Thanks for your interest.

To celebrate the print release of Liar’s Waltz I’m giving away a copy to one person who comments on this post between now and next Friday. Say hi! Say hi even if you don’t want to enter for the book. Having a print release is really exciting in a new way, different from the all the other exciting moments I’ve had over the last couple of years around becoming a published author. I sense a post about the whole e-books and paper books question coming on. Look out for that in a couple of weeks.

Liar's Waltz Banner

Details of Liar’s Waltz

Bar owner Karl thinks his new lover is an ally in the fight to save Eternity — the last gay bar on space station Saira. But Greg is actually a reluctant spy desperately trying to salvage his military career.

Liar's Waltz Cover by Anne CainBlurb: Firmly-closeted Lieutenant Greg Matthews takes a transfer to space station Saira to make a fresh start. But a rogue military intelligence officer has discovered Greg’s secret and forces him to spy on Karl Webster, the owner of the last gay bar on Saira. The disapproving military authorities want Karl’s bar closed, too and he’s feeling the heat. He thinks his gorgeous new lover is an ally in his fight, but Greg is reporting back all of Karl’s plans to save the bar. As the campaign against Karl escalates Greg becomes ever more reluctant to deceive the man he’s falling in love with.

Despite his fear Greg is too jittery and unstable to bother with, Karl wants him too much to give him up. He can’t guess the real reason behind Greg’s anxiety—constant fear of what will happen when Karl discovers his deception. The inevitable revelation shatters their relationship and their lives as the blackmailer takes drastic action to silence Karl. Greg must sacrifice everything he’s been trying to protect to undo the damage and save Karl.

Stack of copies of Liar's Waltz paperback
Check out the Liar’s Waltz book page for more details. If you don’t win, but you fancy buying it, or the ebook, all the links are there.

Remember this is a contest for a paperback, so you’ll have to be happy to send me your address if you win. Maybe one day I’ll be doing one of these for Stowaway too and others after that.

21 thoughts on “Liar’s Waltz Print Release Contest

  1. Congrats!! I don’t really read print anymore, so I’ll leave the winning to someone who does. 🙂 What time does the contest end next Friday? I’ll post about it on linkity next Friday if the contest ends Friday evening.

    1. I’ll do the draw Saturday morning, to give the US time to have a Friday evening too. I think Saturday 9am GMT is midnight on the west coast of America, so up until then.

      Thanks for linking!

  2. So awesome!! Many, Many congrats!!!
    Oh~ I’d love to enter! lol…


  3. I don’t need to enter the competition! I just want to post how thrilled I am for you. I know eBooks are the new book and they’re great (as I own a Kindle) but as a writer, there really is something about seeing your book in a hard format. Your name on the cover. Well done!

    1. Thanks. I keep looking at it on the bookshelf and going “That’s MY book.” If I actually saw someone reading it on the metro, or in a cafe or whatever, I’d probably have some kind of seizure. 😀

  4. Ooh, count me in, please! And you know, they don’t have to be your last copies ever – you can always order more – maybe to bring along to the next UK Meet in September 🙂

  5. Well congratulations. And if I ever spot a copy anywhere I can be proud to have known the woman who wrote it, in a ‘don;t really know you, just through the internet’ kinda way, but that’s still good.

  6. Well, I am entering, because I’m a print-book dinosaur. This sounds like it’d make a good sci-fi channel film. They could use some new ideas!

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