Out later this month – Higher Ground

My next book comes out later this month – Higher Ground is released on the 28th of February from Loose Id

Below may not be the final blurb, as Loose Id’s people will no doubt make a sexier and more awesome version. But it will serve for now to let you meet the latest victims – I mean characters – to be chased up a tree and have rocks thrown at them. Say hello to Adam Gray and Zach Benesh.

Higher Ground by Becky Black

Zach is impatient and likes to hurry. Adam likes to take it slow and to tease. But, they’d have worked it all out – if only the end of the world hadn’t gotten in the way.

Zach Benesh is sure his prediction is right – the island colony of Zahara is about to sink into the ocean. Adam Gray isn’t as certain, but he’s happy to follow the intense, brilliant geophysicist into the mountains to escape the flooding. Though he’d be even happier without three hundred other people – and their pets – tagging along. He’d like to have Zach all to himself out there. But Zach’s prediction is right and as disaster begins to unfold towards an unstoppable, inevitable conclusion, the two young scientists must become a team in the fight to save their people. They draw strength from their rapidly developing relationship, but the higher Zach and Adam climb the more difficult the tests they face – as lovers and as men.

It’s my longest release so far at a little under 83,000 words, so it’s a nice big chunk of story to get your teeth into.

Zach and Adam are scientists. Intellectuals. Let’s face it, they’re nerds – but hot nerds. The story is very much about the way they come together not only as a couple, but as a team. And it looks at how a relationship that might have otherwise developed quite conventionally is tested and forced into fast forward by this emergency they have to face together.

It was a story I found quite easy to write. The first draft was around 70,000 words and yet I wrote that whole draft inside of a month for NaNoWriMo in 2010 – more about that next week when I’ll post all about the writing of the story. Though one thing wasn’t easy and has taught me a lesson. Never again have a main character whose name starts with Z. Do you know how hard it is to do Shift+Z? Hundreds and hundreds of times? My pinkie and ring finger on my left hand were practically permanently clawed by the end of it! I had to train myself to use the right side shift key more often – and you don’t need to start retraining yourself to type in the middle of NaNoWriMo, let me tell you.

Watch this space for more info later! The book will be available there from Loose Id and also from reseller sites, like Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble and others very shortly afterwards. I’ll put all the buy links on the book page for Higher Ground as soon as I get them.

And if you want to add it to your To Read list on Goodreads you can find it here

Higher Ground

See you next week for more about the writing of Higher Ground. Where the inspiration came from, what influenced me, and how to got over its bump in the road on the path to publication.

8 thoughts on “Out later this month – Higher Ground

  1. Congratulations on the release! Can’t wait. So far, of the three, this one is my favourite. I just loved the concept of them having to get to higher ground 😀 (But you already know that).

    (sorry bit late in reading this, too!)

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