Season’s turning, links are here

Bad Signs in Query Letters

Jeff Seymour, Carina Press Freelance Editor, talks about warning signs in query letters.

Ah, query letters. Bane of the budding writer. One of the most frustrating aspects of the submissions process.

And yet your first chance to show your stuff to an editor, as well.

Before I go any further, I want to be clear that a bad query letter does not kill your chance of getting published. I start reading every submission that crosses my desk, even if the query letter on top of it makes me doubt that I’m going to read very far.

Press Enter!

No nonsense advice from Sue Brown about getting published.

Why did I decide to take the plunge and see if anyone would publish my writing? Ah, well, that is because I saw my friends getting published, and thought if they can do it, I can. I haz skillz.
Two years, many more stories, and I still get the wibbles whenever I press enter. But I also get that thrill running through me—look at me, I have created this!

Six Easy Steps – How to set writing goals.

I’m a big believer in setting goals to achieve your dreams. Check out Rita Karnoop’s post about setting goals and achieving them.

For the question of how to set goals, I have a very simple process that you can go through to set your writing goals. These steps can help you achieve your dreams and goals more easily.

Interview With Ken Harrison

Writer and blogger Gregory G. Allen talks to editor-in-chief of Seventh Window Publications about changes in publishing and m/m romance.

Back in the late 1980s the GLBT community wanted bookstores to have GLBT sections, so I blame ourselves for the lack of inclusion our writers get when it comes to be being placed in bookstores. I never thought it was a good thing to separate our fiction from the rest of fiction. It gives the idea that it doesn’t belong, which is false. GLBT stories are just as well written as any other fiction.

All We Needed To Know About Social Media Success, We Learned in Kindergarten

Some advice on not being obnoxious on social media.

In all this huzz-buzz about marketing and promotion, I feel one of the key factors being lost is this idea of good manners. When we are rude, thoughtless and trample through someone’s digital world without any common consideration, there’s a good chance that people will not appreciate our presence. If people groan when they see us, odds are they won’t be rushing out to buy our book or tell others how awesome we are.

Staying Balanced in the Confusing Modern Publishing Industry

Judy Hedlund on finding the balance between the extreme viewpoints about publishing so often expressed now.

Some of those voices are brazen, even divisive in their claims. And I’ve been saddened to see some of my writing friends push away, growing cold and distant, especially as they’ve chosen publishing options that have been different from mine.

Avoiding the Shark Altogether

Jordan Castillo Price talks about fixed vs. mutable Characters in a series.

The end…that’s both an advantage and a disadvantage. Mutable characters who evolve and change eventually come to a point where they’re done, and to take them any farther becomes a letdown.

And to finish with the funny…
The Publishing Process in GIF Form
Nathan Bransford explains the process of what it’s like to write and submit a novel – using gifs.

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