Win a print copy of Stowaway!

The contest is now closed and the winner is Kim D – congratulations, Kim!

Stowaway is in print! Why lookee here – physical copies! And I’m giving one of them away to one lucky winner.

Stack of author copies of Stowaway

And you can win one if you leave a comment on this post and you’re the name drawn out of the hat. One entry per person, please. So leave a comment, and make sure to fill in the email address field so I can contact you if you win. The contest will run until 30th September, 21:00 UK time. Good luck!

Check out the the full details of Stowaway on its book page and read an Chapter 1 here.

And if you don’t win, don’t despair. I’ve got another copy going up on a Goodreads giveaway after this contest is done. But my blog readers get first crack and maybe shorter odds. Good luck!

Stowaway Cover Flat
Stowaway Cover by Anne Cain

Kit’s a stowaway on a cargo freighter. Raine’s the security chief. Obviously, bedding Kit is a terrible idea for Raine and Kit agrees. He’s been screwed enough by authority. But somehow they keep doing it anyway.

The capture of stowaway Kit Miller brings some rare excitement to the life of Raine, security chief on a deep space cargo freighter. Kit’s a fugitive, a shameless flirt and the sexiest man Raine’s ever seen, but Raine’s determined to resist him. Getting involved with Kit would be inappropriate and Raine prides himself on his rigid principles.

To Kit, Raine is just another authority figure like the ones who’ve screwed him over before, so he can’t work out why Raine makes him feel so safe. Why the muscle-bound hunk makes him so hot is easier to understand.

Eventually, desire overcomes their wariness and they begin a passionate and mostly secret affair. When Kit proves his loyalty to the crew and the ship and Raine shows Kit he’s not the kind of man Kit assumed he was, their feelings grow deeper. But the end of the voyage is looming and they face losing each other forever unless Raine is ready to give up all he’s worked for to love a lawbreaking stowaway.

10 thoughts on “Win a print copy of Stowaway!

  1. “Kit’s a fugitive, a shameless flirt and the sexiest man Raine’s ever seen, but Raine’s determined to resist him.”

    Yeah, good luck with that buddy.

    Putting my name in, because I am incredibly cheap. 😉

  2. I thought I’d commented on this already, but obviously not! I’d love to read for free although It is now the beginning of the month and there is money in the bank again. *grin*
    Mara dot Ismine at gmail dot com.

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