Advent opinions 2012

So what’s caught my imagination this year and what’s ticked me off? Has anything changed from the Advent Opinions 2011 list?


tumblr icon Making a stunning leap from the in-between list last year, the vowel deprived Tumblr has become a firm favourite of mine this year. It seems to be the 20-teens version of Live Journal – fannish squeeing mixed with social justice. All illustrated by Gifs. Tumblr is the centre of the Gif universe. People are very emotional on Tumblr. Good looking actors are “life ruiners” by virtue of their good looks. They end up “legit crying” or even “ugly crying” over pictures and videos. A good post isn’t just good; it’s The Best Post on Tumblr. It’s got its own language – Feels. Can’t. IDEK, GYOP etc. It’s a lot of fun. It’s got its flaws. The interface is minimalist to a fault. It’s not really possible to have a conversation on a post the way you can on Live Journal. But I love it anyway.

PinterestHoly cow, why did I ignore Pinterest for so long? Well you know, for about a year, but that’s like a decade in Internet years. I’m very visual – I want to art school many moons ago – and Pinterest is a great place to create galleries of pictures. Of course you could download pictures to your own PC and look at them, but on Pinterest, you share the collection you’re making with the world. I like the way that when pinning something from another site, or repinning from another user, the source is acknowledged. Aside from the photos I took and have uploaded I don’t claim to own any of the images I’ve pinned, just that find them cool, or funny, or cute or inspiring. Pinterest and Tumblr kind of go together for me, because I often find content on Tumblr that I want to Pin, to put it somewhere more permanent than Tumblr, which moves pretty fast!

Teen Wolf Logo
This is a show on MTV you probably know I’m into if you already follow my Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest. In fact I got into it thanks to Tumblr. This is not the first time I’ve gone and bought DVDs for a show after encountering the fandom online. That’s been happening for years! I suspect once Christmas is out of the way then the next one like that will be Supernatural. Anyway – Teen Wolf. Yes it’s based on the same premise as the 1980s movie; high school boy becomes werewolf. But as a TV show rather than a movie, it’s got the time to really explore the whole thing more deeply. Even going pretty dark at times. The characters are complex and flawed, their allegiances are constantly shifting, and nothing is black and white.

Is it the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Maybe. Does it have a lot of sexy young men taking their shirts off a lot? Oh yes! Does it have Tyler Hoechlin, King of Eyebrows as Derek Hale, Prince of Angst? Yes indeed!! Does it have a young actor named Dylan O’Brien who is going to be a star one day? Definitely. And he’s mesmerising.



What can I say about Twitter I haven’t said already? It’s my fave social media site-PERIOD! Or leave period off to keep it to 140 characters



Facebook still does not speak to me. I closed my author page, which was pointless, yet time consuming. I only keep my personal one to play a couple of games with other people.  This post comparing it with Twitter is right on the money for me.

Amazon Author Rank.

Amazon apparently decided the level of sanity in the author community was still too high. So they introduced Author Rank to really drive us clean out of our minds. Thanks, Amazon. Sales Rank just wasn’t getting the job done.

In between

Goodreads Logo

It’s great for tracking my reading, but oh my, the drama! The drama! The site has even more drama llamas than Tumblr – and that’s saying something. Many of the recent fights between authors and reviewers have started on Goodreads. I think it’s a place for authors to approach with extreme caution. I primarily use it as a reader.
Live Journal

It’s on probation. I used to love it, but it’s changing, it’s trying to make itself look and function more like the newer sites, like Facebook and Tumblr. But that makes it lose sight of the things it does really well and that the users value it for – customisability and conversation.

So that’s a few things around the internet and beyond that I’ve been enjoying or disliking this year. What will be on the list a year from now? Maybe something we haven’t even heard of right now.


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