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Welcome Teresa Morgan to my blog. Teresa and I go back several years, having met up through fandom, being fanfic writers together and eventually part of a small beta group. There are a few people without whose help and support I wouldn’t be a published author now, and Teresa is definitely one of them. Check out her answers to some of my grab bag of questions, about her own writing journey.

Over to you, Teresa!

Hello, I’ve been kindly invited to feature on Becky Black’s blog. I always say, “I am a writer”, with the words, “I’m just not published yet” following quickly behind. I write contemporary romance. In fact everything I write, I always try to put a romantic spin on, even short stories. So far, I’ve written two novels, and a handful of short stories… all in need of a good home.

What have you given up to make time for writing?
TV. I don’t watch much TV at all, except now when I do the ironing. I’ve subscribed to LoveFilm so tend to find something on there to watch.

Have you ever stopped writing? Why? For how long? Why did you restart?
I nearly chose not to answer this one, but thought it might be good to do. Early last year I decided to divorce my husband, so my life has been spun upside down. January, this year, I finally moved into my new house. But with this there was a lot of work to be done. I had lost a study, moving to a much smaller house, so I needed to find a new writing space. (My lounge has a desk in it, with my PC).

I would say that my writing has waned for about a year. After finishing the first draft of Perfect Isn’t An Option (my second novel) and sending it off to the RNA New Writers’ Scheme, I never really got restarted again with another project. The voices stopped talking to me, my head muddled and stressed with house move, actually separating etc. I’m now in the process of trying to kick start my writing and get my mojo back. I want the voices back. So I haven’t really stopped writing for long, but it’s felt long enough for me. Why do I want to restart? Because if I don’t, I won’t reach my dream of having a book published.

Where and when do you get ideas?
I’m usually in the shower or doing the washing up! I believe there must be some sort of water plotbunny fairy.

Ever done NaNoWriMo? Love it? Hate it?
Yes, I have done NaNoWriMo! Way back in 2006, I’d just got into writing, and a certain person convinced me to enter. I wrote one of my longest fanfic novels, and it taught me to just sit down and write, and not to stew over the words I’d written. And I work that way now. I always bash out the story, then look at the editing. Best lesson ever! I did try again last year, but didn’t ‘win’. Real life got in the way (see above). I managed to write over 17,000 words though, so it helped.

Which do you prefer – drafting or editing?
Drafting! Writing! Argh to editing. I wonder if that’s because I’m not experienced or confident enough. But writing is far easier than editing. It feels more creative. It might not be necessarily great quality writing, but it’s easier to bash the words out on the screen.

When did you decide to write seriously for publication? What triggered the decision?
I’d been writing fan fiction for a few years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I got paid to write, I thought.

I had a young family and was working weekends to fit it around my kids – and hating the job. As my children were getting older, I decided working from home would fit around my children better. After years of never really enjoying the work I did (I get bored easily), I wanted to do something I would enjoy, too. So I thought, why not try it? I joined the Writers’ Bureau in 2009 to help develop my writing skills.

I’m still trying, as I’m not published yet, but the idea would be that I can work this around my family commitments and not have to go back to a full time job. We will see if that happens or not.

Do you “cast” your books with real-life actors or other pics from the net?
Always. It helps me to write the descriptions for my characters. I also find some actors give me the inspiration for the characters. Bradley Cooper has inspired me for Steve Mason in Perfect Isn’t An Option. And I liked him in All About Steve, and so named my character Steve, too.

Teresa MorganThanks for being on the blog, Teresa. Gosh, who could that have been who got you to do NaNoWriMo…?

You can find Teresa one one of the below.
Blog – The Wittering Woman

And we’re kind of swapping guest posts this weekend. I’m alose at her blog The Wittering Woman answering questions about Red Dragon #1: The Company Man.

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  1. I wonder who convinced me all those years ago to do NaNoWriMo…? Hey, but maybe I wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t. Thanks for letting me come over to your blog.

      1. Yes, I think it helped us both. And at the time the competition did us both good and kept us motivated. Maybe I need to start thinking about another story idea for this year…. or maybe not.

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