Announcing Smoke In My Eyes and a giveaway contest – contest now closed

The contest is closed now. Thanks for participating.

I have a new release coming out in ebook on 6th of October from JMS Books. Smoke In My Eyes a short (15,000 words) contemporary m/m story, set in the UK. Quite a bit different from my novels then! No spaceships or zombies in this, just two guys, trying to get past the pain they’ve been through, dealing with the years creeping up on them and taking a chance on finding love again.

I had fun writing it – though I’m not a natural writer of shorts. Going to do a post on that in a couple of weeks! Daniel was fun to use as the narrator. I’ve talked on here about how sometimes you have to abandon old, bloated projects that should be put out of their misery, but there’s no reason you can’t rescue characters from the wreckage. That’s what I did here, reviving a couple of guys I’ve known for a long time.


Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink DesignsAfter a decade together, death took Daniel’s lover away in an instant. A year of grieving kept him from thinking about the future. But now fearing loneliness, fearing aging and its effects, he’s ready to find someone new before it’s too late. Filled with good intentions, Daniel joins a gym. He plans to work hard to keep what time is all too quickly taking away from him. But are good intentions enough against the many distractions and temptations of life? Is he really prepared to make the sacrifices required? Meeting gym owner Chris may be the extra boost his motivation needs — if only he could figure out why Chris keeps blowing hot and cold on him.

Death claimed Chris’s lover too, but took much longer about it. The memory of watching the man he loved suffer has left Chris terrified of getting close to anyone again. He likes Daniel a lot, but there’s a problem and Chris can’t fix it, only Daniel can. If he’s serious about being with Chris. It’s a straightforward ultimatum. Daniel smokes and Chris will not date a smoker. Daniel has a choice. It’s Chris or the cigarettes.

Daniel has to prove to Chris that he’s ready to make changes and he’s not all mouth. But can he do it? Are the sacrifices he’ll have to make worth it? Should he even be changing himself to suit a man who’s made him no promises and who might still back off later? Chris has to learn to accept Daniel’s imperfections and mortality. Only once he gets past the grief and fear can he take a risk on loving Daniel, even knowing he could be hurt again.

Daniel takes on the biggest physical challenge he’s ever faced to prove he’s serious about Chris. But in the end, he has to decide if he wants to make the changes for himself and his own future, whether Chris is part of that or not.

Smoke In My Eyes cover. Art by Written Ink DesignsAvailable from JMS Books from 6th October. Check the bookshelf page for the story for other buy links after release.

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Want a chance to win an ebook copy? Leave a comment below any time before 6th of October 06:00 UK time and you’ll go into the draw to win. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Announcing Smoke In My Eyes and a giveaway contest – contest now closed

  1. I was all ready for firemen, and its a different smoke! Sounds intriguing – the should we change thing, but Chris does sound like he has good reason for his line in the sand.

  2. Intriguing! I would really like you see how you handled the quitting smoking challenge. It may spur me to think about it as well.
    kalimar2010 @

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