12 ways to be a good guest blog host

I’ve hosted a few guests on my blog this year – who have all been awesome. Check the Guest Post tag for all the posts. So I thought I’d pass on some things I’ve learned from it. I see a few posts about being a good guest blogger, but not so many about being a good host. The people who do loads of guest posts will know all of this, but us more casual hosts may not.

1) Make clear to your guest what you want from them in terms of type of post, pictures, links etc. If you’re going to host an excerpt advise if you have any restrictions on length or explicit content.

2) Send interview questions in plenty of time – especially if the guest is doing a blog tour and will be very busy.

3) Pick a date early and stick with it.

4) Format the post carefully. Take as much care to showcase their work as you would with your own.

5) Include their links, especially buy links, making sure they work and are clickable.

6) If the blog is about a new release and goes up prior to release date, and has no buy link, go back and add one after release day – not everyone will read the post the day it appears!

7) Check your moderation queue and spam trap frequently after the post goes up. People who are new to your blog might get caught in them if commenting.

8) Send the guest the link to the post – including a short version – as soon as it’s up, or before if it’s available.

9) Get the blog up when you said you would. That goes without saying! If some problem prevents you from doing so, tell the guest as soon as possible it won’t be there.

10) Publicise their post as much as you would your own.

11) For your own sanity, always have a standby post ready. Most guests won’t let you down, but that’s not in your control. An emergency might prevent your guest getting the post to you in time. If you have a standby post, you won’t end up in a last minute panic posting some pictures of your cat just to fill the schedule.

12) Say thank you!


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