M/M romance article bingo

I’ve stopped reading most of the articles about m/m romance that pop up in mainstream media now and again, because almost every one make me think I’ve read it before. 20+ times. It’s as if none of the people writing them ever go check if someone else already wrote an article about it. And that they should maybe put their own spin on it.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of the top ten crucial points that they apparently need to include in an article about m/m romance when the audience is mostly people who don’t know it exists. See how many you can mark off next time you read one!

  • Article writer acts like they’ve discovered some massive secret in an obscure corner of the Internet that’s sure to leave the readers aghast.

  • Imparts the astounding news that stories about men having sex with each other are written by women.

  • Ignores the fact that there are any men at all who are readers or writers of the genre.

  • Discusses slash fanfiction without mentioning any pairing more recent than Kirk and Spock (Original series era.)

  • Quotes a particularly cringe worthy bit from a not very well written book. Or a bit from a good one that still manages to sound freaky out of context. (Bonus points if it’s a spoiler of a key plot point of that book!)
    The Price of Temptation by M.J. Pearson

  • Illustrates the piece with the most outrageous m/m book covers they can find. (Okay, I love this cover for its crackiness. But it’s undeniably outrageous.)

  • Interviews one of the female writers and patronisingly remarks on how normal and mumsy she looks.

  • Article tone very snide, with a strong whiff of “OMG, those crazy wimminz”

  • Entirely ignores any serious discussion topics or critiques of the genre, like fetishization or appropriation.

  • Concludes by conceding that hey, different strokes for different folks. But leaves it clear to the readers that the article’s writer thinks these bitches are crazy.

    16 thoughts on “M/M romance article bingo

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve read that article. Various times. I wonder if there’s a secret website full of article mad-libs that journalists can resort to when deadlines loom?

      That bookcover is amazing. The bulge! The spine-breaking pose! The shirt all tucked up behind him somehow for some reason? The portrait and his cigar looking on all “Wait, what?!!”

      1. It’s a fabulously mad cover. ๐Ÿ˜€ The book is better than the cover might suggest. It’s also out with a more sober and sensible cover, but I’ll always love that one. It’s one of the first m/m books I was aware of!

    2. You could turn it into a drinking game. Every time the appearance of the author is mentioned in a snide tone, take a sip. Every time a dig at m/m romance is made disguised in a ‘reasonable tone’, take a sip. Every time there’s sniggering about women writing gay romance, down the contents of the glass :).

      Seriously, though. The whole thing is getting old and people need to be more accepting. I got into a discussion during the Christmas period about m/m romance with a friend who also runs a famous comic gossip blog. He seemed to find the whole thing rather amusing and made dismissive comments about Yaoi in particular and the fact that it’s written by women for women. However, this is not surprising when he is immersed in a world filled with mostly straight, white men.

    3. Awesome. I snorted my tea reading this. I’d never survive a drinking game. Please can I share this on ukgayromance?

    4. Brilliant and sadly, far too true! Also don’t forget the “serious” journalists (one particularly rabid one that Alex and I were subjected to) who consider that by writing gay fiction and not women’s fiction or EVEN BETTER lesbian fiction you are BETRAYING your gender and need to have your wimmin badge ripped off and made to walk the gauntlet down a line of suffragettes.

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