Giveaway Contest for Red Dragon #2: Too Good A Man

The boys are back in town! Yes, Alyn and Jarvez of the Red Dragon return on the 4th of February. After getting together in The Company Man, now they have to figure out the tricky business of staying together.


Alyn and Jarvez’s relationship is evolving, but thanks to Alyn’s principles it will face tests that could destroy it. To get his lover back Jarvez will tell any lie and burn any bridge he has to.

Too Good A Man cover by Scott CarpenterAfter months of sneaking around, Captain Alyn Evans and Jarvez Kashari have gone public as a couple. Alyn wants to move in together, but Jarvez isn’t ready. As the Red Dragon’s trading mission begins, Jarvez worries that Alyn’s principles will clash with the Company’s sometimes ethically dubious methods. The Company rep aboard ship, he fears he’ll be the one to feel the sharp edge of Alyn’s disapproval and could even lose him.

Alyn’s unbending sense of right and wrong leads him to give asylum to an enslaved man, Sumi, bringing threats of retribution from Sumi’s owner. This leads to tension between Alyn and Jarvez when Alyn makes Sumi his personal steward and Jarvez feels he can no longer get a moment alone with his lover.

Sumi’s owner follows up on his threats and Alyn is brought before a court in a politically charged trial, whose outcome already seems fixed. Kept apart from Alyn, terrified he’ll see him go to prison, Jarvez doesn’t think the situation can get any worse. Until Alyn’s ex shows up. In the end he’ll be driven to beg for help from the one person who’d like to see Alyn out of Jarvez’s life forever.

A m/m science fiction romance available 4th February 2014 from Loose Id.
See more details here.

Want a chance to win an ebook copy? Just leave a comment on this post to enter. I’ll pick the winner out of a hat on release day. (Enter by 09:00 GMT on 4th February. Please leave your email address in the email field of the comments form, so if you win I can contact you.)

Contest now closed. Thanks for your entries and congratulations to the winner Trix!

Too Good A Man cover by Scott Carpenter

BB_TheCompanyMan_covertnHaven’t read the first book in the Red Dragon series? Then see details of The Company Man here.


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