Release Day – Not Quite Shakespeare anthology

It’s release day for the Not Quite Shakespeare anthology from Dreamspinner Press. Available in ebook and print.


Take a ride to Northern Scotland on the famous train, the Jacobite, and rediscover desire. Get lost in the Peace Maze in Northern Ireland during a downpour and let a handsome young redhead come to the rescue. Take a tour of historical Blackpool on the English coast and set the stage for the perfect romance. From England to the outer isles, the UK holds treasure troves of romance, history, intrigue, and—naturally—quirky British humor. Not Quite Shakespeare samples it all in fifteen stories.

A man in London makes an accidental confession of sexual need to a virtual stranger who happens to be his boss. An American revisits West Sussex and rekindles an old flame with a romp in the stables. A couple finds their perfect third while vacationing on a pig farm in Yorkshire. In the office, on the race track, or in the kitchen baking bread—romance in the UK is alive and well, and full of sweet surprise.

My story is called Ninety-nine Problems.

coneSelling ice cream in a seaside town in northern England requires cutthroat tactics for rival Italian families, the Catteneos and Bianchis. When Roberto “Rob” Cattaneo and Cesare “Chez” Bianchi take over their respective family enterprises, Rob’s business sense urges him to end the old rivalry in favor of merger. Soon the attractive Chez piques Rob’s interest in more personal ways. A night together isn’t enough for either man, but true romance can’t last unless they end the feud—and closeted Chez finds the courage to face his family and his fears with honesty.

Check out the book page for the full list of authors and all the book details.

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