Dreams are faster than zombies.

Remember last year I wrote about how fast my book Patient Z went from draft to published? I wrote that book for NaNoWriMo 2012 and it sold and came out by late July 2013. Well my new book Dream For Me was actually faster. I drafted it for NaNoWriMo 2013 and it came out early 8th July 2014.

However if you count from idea to publication, it was definitely a lot longer than Patient Z. The germ of an idea for Dream For Me had been sitting in my ideas file for years as no more than the note: “What if humans evolved to no longer sleep? What if there were some throwbacks who did sleep?”


In my story it turned into not so much evolution as a sudden change. Suddenly almost every baby born in the world no longer slept. Imagine for a moment being a parent of one of that first generation of babies who didn’t sleep, while you still do. When you’re done whimpering, carry on.

The story is actually set 200 years after that happened. The world has changed to take advantage of all these extra productive hours in the day. That’s the key word – productive. In an overcrowded world that needs ever more food and medecine and services as surge of productivity was just what was required. No wonder some people think that the “mutation event” was deliberately invoked, and that sleep has been stolen from humanity.

DreamForMe_BeckyBlack_150x225To Shay Mistry, my scientist hero, studying one the the few remaining sleepers, being awake for twenty-four hours a day is just normal life. He’s fascinated by sleep as a natural phenomenon and as something strange and exotic. But even he finds it hard to cope with having a lover who spends a third of his life unconscious.

Jacob Garcia, the last known sleeper in America, is a scientific curiosity to some, a disabled man to others, and, to a few, a man possessing a near magical ability most humans have lost. And that’s only a few of the directions he’s pulled in. Lots of people have different ideas of who and what Jacob is. Jacob himself? He thinks he’s the normal one. It’s the rest of the world that’s weird.

It was fun to plan and write this story, to brainstorm about how our lives would be different. How our homes would be different. How the fact that booking a hotel room with a bed is something most people would do for only one reason… And my boys do of course, even if one of them has another use for the bed.

There’s a giveaway contest running at Charlie Cochrane’s Live Journal right now. Go comment for a chance to win an ebook of Dream For Me.

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