Interview with Guest Kay Berrisford

Welcome to my fellow m/m romance writer and sometimes beta reader, Kay Berrisford. Kay’s answering a few questions about writing in general and about the re-release of Catching Kit

1. Most fun part of being a writer?
Creating characters is fantastic fun. When I’m stuck, it’s often because I haven’t got to know my characters properly or finished my research on their background.

Right now, I’m working on the second book in my Underground Elves series, Alfie’s Game, and I’m having a great time getting to know my MCs. It’s an opposites attract story. John is very shy and sweet. He’s a believer in alien conspiracies and the paranormal and avoids leaving the house unless he has to. However, he’s going to be drawn out of his shell by Alfie, an elf who is very outgoing and wants to be a theatre star.

Brainstorming those two has been a lot of fun, as was creating the characters in the first Underground Elves book, Catching Kit, which was re-released by Love Lane Books this week. On paper, the MCs Kit and Denny were just as different as Alfie and John seem to be—Kit is an elf who enjoys busking on the London Underground, and Denny is the secret government agent assigned to catch him. But they turned out to have a lot in common, more than I even planned when I started the book. Sometimes characters take over and tell us poor writers how things should be!

wpid-themermanandthebarbarianpiratesmall.jpgWhen the characters and plot are buzzing in your head, there’s nothing more exhilarating than sitting at your computer and hammering away. I also love the ‘nearly finished’ stage. It’s always great to be going through and putting in those last-minute touches. Then having a finished manuscript brings a sense of achievement and a massive relief!

2. Do you read the reviews of your books?
I try not to, but it’s hard to avoid them altogether. If you take negative reviews too much to heart, you’ll never want to write again…and, frankly, I’ve felt that way many times, even though you’re never going to please everyone. However, positive reviews can be just what you need to give you a kick-start when things are hard, so it works both ways.

3. Which characters from standalone books or completed series are still hanging around in your brain?
Kit and Denny from Catching Kit are certainly still hanging around. They are going to be reoccurring characters in the Underground Elves series, and will be turning up in Alfie’s Game, and (hopefully) in a new Christmas story of their own. I would also love to return to the adventures of Herne the Hunter and Tam, the semi-stag-shifters who feature in my books Bound to the Beast and Locking Horns.

4. How many novels/stories did you write before submittting/getting one published?
Just one, actually. It was an m/f regency romance. When I look back at it now, I know exactly why it was turned down. It just wasn’t that good! Fortunately, my second novel, Bound for the Forest, was picked up by the most amazing editor, Serena Stokes at Loose Id. She turned a raw mess into a successful novel and taught me how to be a professional writer.

5. Do you have a dayjob? Do you want to give it up to write?
I have a part-time job, so I get the best of both worlds. I don’t think I’d want to write all the time, as it can be as frustrating as it is rewarding. Also, in periods where I’ve just been writing, my inspiration tends to dry up. I need the input of the outside world to build my characters and make them feel real.

6. Which of your covers do you like most?
I love all of them! If forced to pick, though, I’d opt for the cover for Locking Horns and my two latest releases: The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate and the re-release of Catching Kit.

Catching Kit — Book 1 in the Underground Elves Series
Please note: This is a revised version of a previously released title.

Denny is a top secret agent on a mission to protect London from Ethereal Beings – elves – who are seen as dangerous mind-reading parasites who prey on human emotions.

Kit is an elf on the run, misunderstood and persecuted by humans. When Denny catches him, he shatters everything Denny’s been taught about elves. He’s gorgeous and funny and claims he’s been searching a long time for a guy like Denny. He shares Denny’s kinks and now he needs Denny’s love to survive.

But if Denny doesn’t take Kit to jail, he’s in big trouble. Dare Denny break the law and gamble his life to save the Ethereal Being in his bed?

Kay’s website
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Kay’s books on All Romance
Kay’s books on Barnes and Noble


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