New Year Special Guest – Jordan Castillo Price talks PsyCop Audio

bodyandsoulAUDIO-200Happy new year, readers! I’m delighted to kick off the new year with an interview with one of my favourite writers. I love Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop series and I love audiobooks, so I’m very happy that this year she’s started to put PsyCop out in audio. So far the first three books are out – along with a free short!

Over to you, Jordan!

Hi, Becky! I was pretty tickled when you asked me to stop by your blog. I’ve always loved the observations about Vic you’ve made to me over the years. I feel like if I came to an untimely death, you’d be the author to pick up the series and run with it! (Me = blushing.)

What was the most important factor in your choice of narrator to be the voice of Vic?

amongthelivingAUDIO200Initially I had no real standout auditions that made me say, “Aha, that’s Vic!” It was more like a process of elimination. I weeded out everyone whose accents weren’t quite right. I weeded out actors who sounded too old or too young. I weeded out a guy who read through quickly, making a bunch of mistakes, as if he hadn’t even bothered to run through the page before he taped an audition. And then I listened to the handful I had left with a pal to see if any of them jumped out at us. I guess hearing all these not-quite-right voices prepared me for the audition that eventually blew the rest of them out of the water. Gomez Pugh hit all the right beats, with all the right attitude. Right away, I thought, “Oh my God. Him.”

Was there an audition scene you selected to judge potential narrators on? Why that scene?

Definitely. I’d heard horror stories from my friends about audio actors who showed obvious discomfort at reading a love scene. I wanted to make sure my actor could read the lines as unabashedly as I’d written them, so I used the scene where Jacob mashes Vic up against the wall of his vestibule and kisses him with lots of tongue. But the cool part about that scene is that it starts with Jackie the Annoying Dead Prostitute pestering Vic. I wanted to make sure I had someone with range that would really bring the story to life. And one good thing about Gomez is that he really gets into doing all the crazy side-characters, and then he totally nails the sex scenes.

Jacob and others Vic has met because of Jacob, especially Crash, have had a big influence on Vic’s life. Where would Vic be now if Jacob hadn’t come into his life?

crisscrossAUDIO200I think Vic spent his time on the force before he met Jacob getting his bearings. Or maybe mostly healing. On one hand he was using his psychic ability to solve homicides the whole time, but there’s a sense that his relationships are all perfunctory, and that’s the way he wanted it. PsyCop started with his first partner Maurice retiring, and I think Maurice stepping aside might actually be the catalyst that causes all the other dominoes to topple. It lets in Lisa, lets in Jacob, lets in the first paranormal entity who won’t let Vic clock out and leave his work at the office. I suspect Vic might have been content to lie low forever if he hadn’t been forced out from cover. He’s taught himself that making a spectacle of yourself only gets you hurt.

Vic’s clearly very powerful, but it seems like he hasn’t yet reached his full potential. He’s always expanding his abilities and learning new ones. Where does he go from here?

I think it might be less about Vic getting new or stronger abilities, but in learning how to handle himself and figuring out what he really stands for. I’m planning the last main PsyCop novel to be both an origin story, and something that leaves Vic and Jacob in a satisfying New Normal. Those details are still percolating, though, since the next PsyCop novel I’ll be working on is Crash’s novel.

It was great to have the PsyCop short Thaw as a Christmas gift. Do you have plans to do the other shorts? Maybe as a collection?

thaw-AUDIO-200And here’s just another example of how uncanny you are at reading my mind! The other major PsyCop project I have in my sights is an ebook collection of the shorts. There are a number of web-only stories that readers have been wanting to access in an ebook format, plus I’ve been hoarding new shorts as I write them, so I’ll have a significant amount of new material for a PsyCop short story anthology, along with lots of old favorites that readers might or might not remember from newsletters or websites. With all that material, I should have enough length to produce the collection as an audio, too.

Thanks so much for the fantastic questions, Becky! And I hope your readers come check out the PsyCop audiobooks. When I say my audio actor is brilliant, I’m not just enamored of him because he’s reading my words. He really is the voice of Victor Bayne!

Buy links for PsyCop audiobooks. You can stream a sample from each book at the PsyCop site.

amongthelivingAUDIO200Among the Living (PsyCop #1)

crisscrossAUDIO200Criss Cross (PsyCop #2)

bodyandsoulAUDIO-200Body and Soul (PsyCop #3)

thaw-AUDIO-200And my gift to all of you, Thaw, PsyCop Short #1.1.
Thaw is free for download or streaming.
Find it at the PsyCop site.

Thanks, Jordan! It’s great to kick off the new year with your interview. Any PsyCop fans who haven’t checked out the audios yet should definitely give them a try.

Next week: my monthly links post – which I’m moving to the 2nd Saturday of the month for 2015.

5 thoughts on “New Year Special Guest – Jordan Castillo Price talks PsyCop Audio

  1. Great interview.
    I think Gomez is the best ‘suited for the story’ narrator I’ve heard so far, he really gets the story and Vic and he has a great voice on top of that 🙂

  2. The only thing better than a JCP Psycop book is Gomez narrating, no, make that Gomez becoming Vic and then us getting to hear Vic tell his story. SUPERB PERFECTION!! So happy you found each other. Huge audio book fan here and Gomez is top notch in my experience.

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