News roundup

It’s only two months into the year and a lot has happened already, so I feel it’s time for a news Tempting The Stars cover by Scott Carpenterroundup of where everything is and what’s coming up from me in the next few months.

Recently Released

The third of the Red Dragon series is out now from Loose Id! Alyn and Jarvez reach the end of their story, but see the Coming Soon below for more news on the series.

Marriage should be a happy ending, but for Alyn and Jarvez it’s only the start of a new set of problems as grief and guilt stir deeply buried desires in Jarvez. Will wedded bliss prove to be a myth?

New to Paperback

Paperback bonanza! The first two Red Dragon books and also Patient Z are now available in paperback.

The Company Man Too Good A Man Patient Z




Click the covers to check the book pages for details of each one.

Coming soon(ish)

How soon counts as soon? Given how fast the first two months of 2015 have gone, I’m sure these will come around fast.

A Red Dragon spin-off book, at this point called Keeping the Champion’s Secret (that could change) which you can expect to see around May, from Loose Id. Watch this space for confirmation of release date. It follows the character of Will Garrett from Too Good A Man as he wouldn’t leave me alone until I write him his own story.

A paranormal fantasy novella called Immutable (barring changes) which is coming in summer from the Bittersweet Dreams line at Dreamspinner Press.

Works in progress

Right about now I’ll be submitting a novel to Loose Id. It’s currently called Mapping the Shadows. Fingers crossed that it will be novel sale 12 and that you’ll soon be meeting Ash and Gabe.

So now it’s time to decide which of my many story bunnies I feed next…

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