Giveaway – The Champion’s Secret

My next release, The Champion’s Secret is out on 28th of April. It’s a spin off from the main sequence and follows the further adventures of Will Garrett, a supporting character in book 2 of the series, Too Good A Man.

Fancy winning an ebook copy? Comment below and make sure to add your email in email address field (won’t be shown to anyone but me) so I can contact you if you win. I’ll draw the winner on release day at 07:00 UK time.
Contest is now closed. Thanks for entering and congratulations to the winner, Sula22

Red Dragon #4: The Champion’s Secret

Cover by Scott CarpenterBlurb
Lawyer Will Garrett took a job with the Outer Spiral Trading Company for one reason only—to keep his ex out of jail. Now his ex is free, but with someone else. This leaves Will seeing out the final months of his contract on assignment as the legal counsel for a sports team of Modern Gladiators on a Company sponsored tour.

Jimmy Campbell, mighty Highland warrior, is the champion and captain of Team Spartacus. But really he’s James De Villiers, half-Scottish, half-South-African, ex-soldier. He’s only in this for the money. One more season then he’s gone. He’s already older than most of the team, with a nagging shoulder injury.

Will and James get together thinking only of killing time in bed during the trips between tour stops. But as they grow closer and Will makes friends with the team, trouble starts with team manager Lenny Sheridan. Lenny doesn’t want anyone to know James is gay. A hostage crisis focuses all the media in the sector on the team and forces James to decide if keeping his secret and his career is more important to him than acknowledging his relationship with Will, whatever that costs him.

A m/m science fiction romance from Loose Id. Available from 28th April

ISBN: 978-1-62300-669-3 (ebook)

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14 thoughts on “Giveaway – The Champion’s Secret

    1. Thanks, Tricia. You’re in the draw. I was meant to end on three, but then I had to go back to Will and now I’m getting ideas for Alyn and Jarvez and their indie adventures, so who knows… 😀

  1. I am quite new to the series, so thank you for a chance to win a copy of your latest book 🙂 Does it matter if they are read out of sequence? What say do you have in the cover layouts, as James gives quite strong/hot impression and I was hoping that the image fairly represented him 😀

    1. I’d say that you could read this one out of sequence with the others. You’d already know Will if you’d read Book 2, but I did write so that people who hadn’t read the other ones could pick it up and read it. The relevant background info is in there to let the reader know what’s up.

      The publisher always has final say on the covers – and it’s always best to trust them as they know what they are doing! 😀 But the author fills in a detailed spec sheet about the book and the lead characters, for the artist to work from, and gets to see an earlier draft to say if there’s anything that’s wrong or that they just don’t like.

      Finding a cover model who is a perfect match is rarely possible, but this is one who definitely comes close. James is a big strong guy, fighting in a heavyweight class. Tall too and he comes over tall on this cover to me! He’s an athlete, so in peak condition. Very fit and muscular. He’s a former special forces soldier, so very physically confident. Also looks nice and smooth in this pic, which is also appropriate. He’s well man-scaped for the arena. 😀

      There are some details it’s hard to get. James has full sleeve tattoos on both arms, which he doesn’t have on the cover. Sometimes an artist can photoshop on a tattoo and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For extensive ones like these it’s probably best to play safe and leave them off than have them look dodgy!

      So yeah, it’s a series of compromises to get a cover and cover models who give a good overall impression of the characters and story, rather than expecting them to be perfect in every detail for how I see them in my mind – which would be different from how you see them anyway.

      Look at me waffling on, when actually I should save it – I’m going to do a post about my covers and covers in general soon, possibly even next week. Watch this space!

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