Mapping the Shadows Giveaway

Contest now ended. Congratulations to the winner, Ardent EReader.

My latest release, Mapping the Shadows, is coming Tuesday June 16th. Get in quick and leave a comment here for a chance to win an ebook copy on release day! I’ll draw the winner after 9am BST, 16th June.

Mapping the Shadows

Mapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez.Ash Bowman is lost. Two years ago he and his cop partner, Evelyn, walked in on a murder in progress that left her dead and him maimed. He left the force and became a private investigator, but business is suffering because of his obsession with mapping the Core of the space station Fraxin Yari, where Evelyn’s ghost haunts him as he prowls the dark corridors.

Journalist Gabe Whitfield is on a mission to learn the truth behind that same murder. He doesn’t expect to stay on Frax after he finishes the job. But meeting Ash Bowman changes his plans. He came to the station a man without ties. He isn’t going to leave the same way.

Despite initially mistrusting him, Ash can’t resist his attraction to the fiery Gabe. Gabe responds, though knows he shouldn’t when Ash is one of the subjects of his investigation. But they come to trust each other and join forces to find the answers Ash had almost forgotten he was still seeking. If they are to have any chance of happiness, Gabe must help Ash lay the ghosts calling him back again and again to the deep darkness of the Core.

A m/m science fiction romance from Loose Id.

Mapping the Shadows

Art by April Martinez.

21 thoughts on “Mapping the Shadows Giveaway

  1. Congrats on your upcoming release of Mapping the Shadows. Please count me in for your giveaway. Thanks

  2. Hey, I just wanted to wish you good luck with your new release as I don’t always get to post on your blog. I love this cover. How many books have we got published now? I need to catch up. Plus, maybe we need to arrange a date to meet or something. (Wondering how much it would cost me to fly to Newcastle ;-))

    1. This one is number 12 with Loose Id. Whoa! 😀

      EasyJet fly Bristol to Newcastle. It’s only a short flight. Also I’ll be down in Bristol in September for the UK Meet.

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