Mid year shake up and refilling the well

It’s nearly the end of June? When did that happen? Wasn’t it Christmas a couple of weeks ago? Why are those kids on my lawn? Zzzz…

No wait, I’m awake. The middle of the year is a good time to shake things up a bit, so I’m going to do so on my blog.

Wishing WellFor one thing I need to refill the well when it comes to advice on writing and publishing and marketing and other ways of generally being a pest on the internet. So for a while at least I’ll post fewer formal article style posts and more informal ones about what I’m up to and what bee I have in my bonnet at the time.

The Links post will continue on the second Saturday of the month. But I won’t stick to my rigid weekly on Saturday schedule for a while. One regular post I’m going to add is something I’ve been doing on Live Journal this year, which is a post on the last day of the month about books I’ve read that month. I’ve decided to stop posting on Live Journal, which I was barely doing any more.

Other that that, info about releases of course, including cover reveals and giveaways and a bit of background about the book. Every couple of months I’ll do a news roundup about what’s happening and what to expect soon. Guest blogs sometimes with cool writers I like.

I don’t think I’ll be posting any fewer posts per month, they may just pop up more randomly and be more chatty and personal.

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