Monthly Books Post

I have a pretty feeble number to report for my books read total this month. I could claim I’ve been super busy writing, but that would be a total lie. I have been writing, steadily, and I’m nearly done with the draft of a sequel to Patient Z (but more about that in another post!) But I’ve also been on holiday from the day job for two weeks of July, so could have got in a load of reading. Instead what I got in was a load of podcasts and colouring in – my new favourite way to relax.

But I’ve got a few read or listened to and I’m still on track to meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year.

Lessons The High Window

I read The High Window slowly, for a relatively short book. But you can’t rush Chandler or you’ll miss some bit of prose you’d give your right arm to have written.

And still reading Norman Longmate’s How We lived then. Just working my way slowly through that.

How We Lived Then


Pyramids WHCH Hound Audio

So next month – one audiobook on the list that will likely take me a big chunk of the month to listen to:


It’s not the longest audiobook I have – that would be The Stand at just under 48 hours long. But this one is over 20 hours, so it’s a substantial chunk of time.

Will be moving onto the next in the series for my Holmes Canon reread:

Return of Sherlock Holmes

And reading a few books about philosophy, as research for a character and a book (or in fact a series) that I have planned for NaNoWriMo. First one up is this.

Free Will

And excited for these new ones coming in August!

23834716 25912719


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