Quick, bring me a new grindstone for my nose!

It’s August, my birthday month, but don’t imagine that’s going to involve any slacking off. Oh no. I also had the last two weeks of July off and that did involve a bit of slacking off, mostly involving listening to podcasts while colouring in, and not doing nearly as much reading as I should have been.


But no slacking on the writing, and I hit my target to finish the draft of a sequel to Patient Z by the end of the month. It ended at just over 91 thousand words. Yikes! So it’s a good story to get your teeth into.

Other than that I did get out a bit and had fun. Especially visiting the lovely Mowbray Park back in the place I was born – Sunderland. If you follow me on Facebook, check my photos for a load more pics than the ones below.

walrus Mowbray park2 Mowbray park

So now my holiday is over and done, I’m back at the day job and I’m putting the Patient Z sequel (currently called Assumed Dead) to one side to rest for and while and working on two stories in August. One a novella and one a short. One an edit one a draft. And both F/F stories. No boys allowed around here in August! Not in actual current projects anyway. But I am doing some very early planning (that is, daydreaming. It’s totally work.) about the n/m book I’m planning for NaNoWriMo. And that’s only the first book in a series. So right now I’m thinking about three new books. And also about the characters. They are still very up in the air, but I know their jobs and one them is a philosophy professor – which means I have to give myself a crash course in philosophy over the next three months!

Owl in Mowbray Park
Owl in Mowbray Park
Watch out for my Lucky 7th backlist giveaway post on Friday, and, the day after, this month’s links post. Meanwhile owl be seeing you around.

6 thoughts on “Quick, bring me a new grindstone for my nose!

  1. Oh! Yay for F/F! I’m always thinking that not enough people write it compared to M/M and M/F when it comes to Romance. If people wrote more of it, then it could possibly get more of a share of the market than it currently has.

    1. I had fun writing that short one last year, so I thought I’d try a longer one, which is the one I’m starting to edit, and the one to draft is one that’s come about for reasons I can’t go into yet – it’s a seekrit. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d love to see it gaining a larger readership.

  2. Hey, it was my birthday too, a few days ago! Happy co-birthday, sorta. ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope you had a great day, and got lots of cool loot. I got an Amazon gift card and bought a bunch of books. Because books. [grin]

    And congrats on the writing numbers — that’s completely awesome!


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