August books post

I still need to get more reading time. But I’m still well on track for my challenge for the year.

Books (and yes, that’s a comic book! I’ve never been a comics reader, but the Marvel movies, and especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier, made me want to try some out. Then I saw you could get them for Kindle and they looks great on my 10 inch tablet and I was in there!)

Free Will Boy who followed ripley 23834716 Captain America Return of Sherlock Holmes


Most of the audiobooks listening this month was Dune – since that’s a pretty long book. Fantastic audiobook edition this one. Not just one narrator, but some voices done by other readers. The guy doing the Baron Harkonnen had a disconcertingly sexy voice…

Dune Bossypants Feet of Clay

Coming next month


Crown Dangerous Spirit 25912719 50 ethics civil war

Expect there to me much sniffing and tearing up when leading the last published book from Terry Pratchett.


I signed up for the Audible Daily Deal daily email a couple of weeks ago and my audiobook library is growing fast! Well when you can get stuff like Empire of the Sun for less than the cost of a fancy coffee it’s gotta be done.

3 thoughts on “August books post

  1. What is your goal? I’ve downed mine to 30 books a year, because I wasn’t reaching 40… and I’m on track.

    I might have to look out for the comic books though. I love all the Avengers stuff. Were they expensive?

    Oh, and while glamping, I’d packed The Da Vinci Code in my case on the last day, but could reach my Kindle, so while the boys played I started the first chapter of book two of Sherlock Holmes. I need to read more classics 🙂

    1. II had made my target 50, because I had a few long ones to read. But then I upped it to 75. Audiobooks really bump the total up!

      The comics are £1.49 an issue for the Kindle editions – but there are lots of them! LOL. The tricky part is finding the right order to read them in for a particular character or storyline! Or you can just grab random ones for a quid in the charity shop and read them piecemeal. That seems to be a common tactic too. 😀 Even if you go the Kindle route you’ll find one that isn’t on there and have to buy it through the marketplace or something. It’s a right hassle. 😀

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