My year in reading – and listening

Captain America2015 is almost over. It’s been a funny old year in reading. I started the year with a Goodreads challenge of 75 books. Then a couple of things happened. One, I got into comics, specifically the Brubaker era of Marvel comics’ Captain America, because that timeline involves the Winter Soldier and I’m currently slightly obsessed with that character. Two, I signed up for the Audible Daily Deal emails. Audiobooks for the price of a fancy coffee? Rude not to… I started listening to more audiobooks. So I ended up changing my challenge to 125 and have ended the year a little over that.

One long running goal through the year was to read all of the Sherlock Holmes canon. It’s been fun to go back to the original material. I both read and listened to the books. There are wonderful recordings by Derek Jacobi sherlock holmes pipeavailable on Audible. I have one more of the audiobooks still to listen to and I’m reading the last short story collection, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes now. I’m going to save at least one story for New Year’s Eve, so it can be the last book I finish in 2015. The Hound of the Baskervilles is still my favourite.

Speaking of favourites, Without further ado here are my favourites of the year.

Top Ten Favourites Books Read

dangerous-spirits.jpg.jpeg macaque.jpg storm.jpg restless.jpg jackdaw.jpg crown.jpg feximal.jpg farewell.jpg hound.jpg maelstrom.jpg

Number 1?

crown.jpgCall me sentimental, but I’m going for the Pratchett.

This is the final Terry Pratchett book to be published and came out a few months after his untimely death from Alzheimer’s disease. I was worried before reading it. The previous Pratchett book I read, Raising Steam, was disappointing and made me feel sad to see his illness apparently taking its toll. But The Shepherd’s Crown is wonderful, and vintage Pratchett. Sadly there will be no more new Pratchett books to put on my reading list. I do have Dodger to read. After that, I’ll only ever be rereading Pratchett.

R.I.P. Sir Terry. Read my tribute about what he meant to me.

Top Ten Favourite Audiobooks listened to

welcome-home.jpg.jpeg lifeonair.jpg feet.jpg burning-plain.jpg.jpeg secrets.jpg stranger.jpg ghostv.jpg under-milkwood.jpg.jpeg dune.jpg buried-giant.jpg.jpeg

dune.jpgNumber 1?

Gotta be Dune. It’s a brilliant recording. It uses several narrators, which I’m not always keen on for an audiobook. But like many things, I can say “I don’t like it, except when I do.”

The actor who voices Baron Harkonnen has a disturbingly sexy voice which freaks me out a bit…

2016 – Clearing the Stack

I’ve decided it’s time to make a serious dent in the To Read stack, so intend to work my way though the books I already own, in ebook or paper, and only buy new ones from certain authors.

The author exception list:
Jordan Castillo Price
Jordan L. Hawk
K.J. Charles
Josh Lanyon
Kazuo Ishiguro (but he’s a literary author, and only had a new one in 2015, so the chances of him releasing one in 2016 are small!)
And of course The Winds of Winter – should it actually come out in 2016. I’m not holding my breath.
Audiobooks are not included in the not buying new ones policy. They don’t cut into the time I’d use for sitting down and reading, since I generally listen to them at times I can’t sit down and read. They’re complementary to the reading stack.

After my Holmes reread in 2015, I’m going to read the stories about the anti-Holmes in 2016 – the Raffles stories by E.W. Hornung.

Some other series to start, continue or finish (not counting series books by the exception authors!)

Philip Marlow by Raymond Chandler
Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
Karla trilogy (the Smiley books) by John Le Carre
Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L Powell

I have a number of books on my reading list that are Part 1 of a series. If I want to keep going they’ll have to wait!

In comics – The Winter Soldier titles and Black Widow titles. Then maybe Deadpool, because he looks so weird and fun.

So those are the plans. And since I have lots of Audiobooks, a number of comics, and not too many hugely long books on the list, I’m going to set my Goodreads challenge at 150 books. That’s tough, but doable, and will motivate me to read any time I have a chance. I’ve nearly always got my phone with me, which means I can be reading an ebook or listening to an audiobook.

I’m going to get back to posting my monthly books posts in 2016. They’re a bit time consuming to set up – with pictures to get in and in the right place. But it will keep me motivated!

Happy reading, all!


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