Review of the year

So 2015 has been and gone. The years stampede past like a herd of wildebeest, don’t they?

Books released

I think this has been the bumper year for me for releases – no wonder I’m knackered. Five books out, of varying lengths from 22k novella to full on novel length.

Tempting The Stars cover by Scott CarpenterCover by Scott CarpenterMapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez.Immutable Cover art by Marie FanningInto the Sunrise cover. Art by Mina Carter

The five include my first longer form F/F story, Into the Sunrise – so my resolution to diversify and try new things is definitely happening. I have plans for more.


UK Meet iconI attended the UK LGBTQ Fiction meet in Bristol in September. Always great to see old friends and meet new ones. Next year’s in Southampton. I’m already looking forward to it.

I completed my 10th NaNoWriMo and think that one might be my last. They’re getting harder to do, because now I’m pro I don’t have the same control over my writing schedule as I did before. So I can get edits or have to deal with the work around a release right in the NaNo-2015-Winner-Badge-Large-Squaremiddle of November. So while I’d never say never, I think it’s time to at least retire from the assumption that I’ll definitely do it.

I managed to meet nearly all of my writing goals this year. I had hoped to have the Patient Z sequel edited and submitted by the end of the year, but that didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. Otherwise, I steadily checked off my goals through the year. It’s key when setting goals for the year not to try to start on all of them at once, and to be flexible about allowing new ones in there and pushing others back. one reason I didn’t finish the editing mentioned above is that I wrote a short that wasn’t in the original plan. And now you’ll be seeing that short next year. Never make the plan so rigid you can’t add in new things if opportunities arise.

I’m making my plans about now for 2016. First order of business is finish that editing of the Patient Z sequel. Alongside that I have to write and edit a short for a call with a deadline at the end of February. After that I have more than enough plot bunnies for novels to keep me going all year – or indeed for the next three years! There will be more from Alyn and Jarvez of the Red Dragon series. I thought I was done with them, but no, they have at least one more story they want to tell. I want to do more F/F stories and have an idea for one that’s kind of urban fantasy/paranormal, which is something new for me.

My ideas are still mostly sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal (though there is a one sneaky historical in there…) I’ve tried contemporary, and though I can’t say I’ll never write any more contemporary, I think I’m happier when I’m writing my sci-fi or fantasy. It’s just more me. Contemporary may sell better, but it’s not nearly so much fun to me.

On blogging, I’ll contine doing my monthly links of course, will continue the Lucky 7th giveaway contest – unless I run out of books to give away! Some of the 2015 releases will make their way into that too. Hopefully I’ll also have more paperback releases to add to it. I’ll restart my monthly books read post, and do at least one additional post each month, which will have any news and feature whatever I feel like writing about that month. There will of course be adhoc posts here and there with news about releases and so on. So watch this space.

The website will get a bit of a makeover in the frst few weeks of the year, just to freshen things up. Nothing too different. The makeover has already started, just in gradual small changes.

Speaking of freshening up, I’m going to put new covers on my two free self-published novels, so watch out for those soon.

All in all, there’s plenty to keep me busy in 2016.

Are you making plans for the new year? Resolutions? or do you go with the flow?

4 thoughts on “Review of the year

  1. I think you’ve done marvellous finishing 10 NaNoWriMo’s! I’ve only ever done the one, but I still feel it was an important one. I wrote a novel, and it taught me to just write, and not get bogged down with editing as I go. 2016 I will have been writing for 10 years – and it’s all your fault! Ha ha!

    Good luck with future writing. If you enjoy writing the sci-fi/fantasy then that’s what you must write. Overall, writing must be fun!

    Happy New Year! Xxx

  2. If some of your F/F ideas are on the fantasy/paranormal end of the spectrum, you’d have at least one very happy reader. Contemporary may sell better, but that makes the SFF romance more precious for those of us who love it, because fewer authors go there!

    I’m still working on my goals for 2016. I try to make them achievable, but with enough push to get me trying new things. And with enough flexibility to adapt if something comes up that I wasn’t expecting.

    1. Thanks, Katherine. As it happens, yes, one of the F/F ideas would be the paranormal/fantasy one.

      Your goal setting method sounds just right. Pretty much the way I do mine.

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