January books post

My 2016 challenge is 150 books, which means around 12 – 13 a month. Which means some months I’d better get more, because I’ve got A Dance with Dragons on the list. Though since The Winds of Winter is going to be delayed, no rush to read that!

So I’m about on track so far – especially thanks to audiobooks.

Read – only five, but A Pale View of Hills and West With the Night are not books you’d want to read fast.

A Pale View of Hills  Close Encounters  West with the night Writing Faster  Winter Soldier

Listened to – lots of audio this month. I’ve gotta make a dent in the list of them I’ve got from the Audible Daily Deal.

I Am Legend  Just one damned thing after another  Lessons in Love  Shepherd's Crown  The Humans  The Spire  Wolf in Winter

Favourite of the month?

West with the nightGotta be West with the Night, a memoir by Beryl Markham, who was variously a race horse trainer and pilot in Africa in the 1920s and 30s. She’s also known to have had an – ahem – interesting personal life, but the book doesn’t talk about that at all. It’s all about horses, flying and Africa.  It’s a great read, for the adventures and characters, but also for the amazing prose. Even Hemingway praised the book and he never complimented his contemporaries! She doesn’t seem to have written much else, which is shame.

There so needs to be a Beryl Markham movie. 😀











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