March books post

I kind of got a strop on and decided 150 books as a target for the year is unreasonable and reading is not meant to be a competitive thing and 100 books in a year is more than some people read in their whole lives, so stop being an ass… Anyway, I cut it down to 100. Might adjust it again later in the year when I get a strop on the other way. We’ll see!


Ethics Rag and Bone how to be dead A Dance with Dragons
A Dance with Dragons is still ongoing – it’s humungous, so I’ve been reading it for a while!


The Martian Locke Lamora Right Ho Jeeves Mangle Lock In

The Long Goodbye

Favourite of the month – 100%, the audiobook of The Martian. That was so much fun. I know, I’m late to the party on this one. I have the movie to watch, so I’m looking forward to that. But the audio is great and I suspect audio is a better medium for this book than text, since so much of it is Mark’s reports, that are recordings, not things the character is supposed to have sat down and typed. The narrator really brings this to life. I think I will re-listen to this one sometime.

But so much good stuff this month. Eagerly awaited new K.J Charles book was great. Right Ho, Jeeves is one of my all time favourite books and Jonathan Cecil makes a perfect Bertie Wooster as the narrator. The John Scalzi Lock In book was excellent too. Narrated by Wil “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton, so that appealed to the Trekkie in me.

So by the time I do my next books post I will have finished A Dance With Dragons and will have joined the ranks for people side-eying George R.R. Martin and waiting for The Winds of Winter. When I will have to remind myself – hard – that waiting for the next book in a series is all part of the fun…

3 thoughts on “March books post

  1. Reading shouldn’t be a chore either. I do pressure myself to read, and feel bad if I haven’t done much, just as much as the writing, as I class it as a writing related activity.

    However, 150 books maybe excessive lol! I dropped my 40 target to 30 as it seemed more realistic for me. Plus it’s more motivational with the Goodreads challenge to see I’m on target than I’m 3 books behind ha ha! But I like setting the target, because it is a good motivator to read rather than switch on the TV.

    The Martian seems like another book to read before seeing the film then.

    I’m so glad I’m only on book 2 of George R R Martin’s A song of Ice and Fire. I’ve got so many more to read before I catch up and play the waiting game. In fact, I may take my time reading them… The man has created such an immense world. I am truly in awe of him.

    And on that note, I’m going to get an hour of reading in before bed.

    1. You have got the kids to chase around, which takes up more time, so reading time must be a premium! 😀

      Yes, take your time with A Song of Ice and Fire and The Winds of Winter will be sitting there waiting for you whenever you’re ready!

      1. The good thing is I count the books I read to the boys towards my target too 🙂

        Yeah I’m going to work my way through them slowly. The Game of Throne series will be there for me to find afterwards too. I’m worried to watch even the first season in case it gives me spoilers in the books.

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