News roundup

Quick update for 1st June. Nearly halfway through the year already. Yikes!

Patient ZI have a book coming out on the 14th of this month. That’s called Assumed Dead, and is a sequel to Patient Z. Zombies! Sexy dudes! (Who are not zombies.) Polar bears! (Who are also not zombies.) Watch this space for more details soon, and a contest to win a copy.

So what else am I working on, now that book is done?

Me and My Big Mouth 400x600 Tempting The Stars cover by Scott CarpenterI’ve gotta get started on a new draft. My writing mojo has been a bit low lately. The only new story I’ve written so far this year was a short – Me and My Big Mouth. The last long thing I wrote was in November last year, for what I decided would be my tenth and last NaNoWriMo. Whether I stick to that, we shall see. That’s still awaiting some rewriting and editing, but I want to get a new draft done first. That’s going to be what I think is the final story in the Red Dragon series. I thought I was done after The Champion’s Secret. But no, my brain says “Hey. remember that little throwaway line in one of the books? You need to WRITE AN ENTIRE BOOK ABOUT THAT.” Thanks, brain. Currently planning on making it novella length, but we’ll see how long it turns out.Cover by Scott Carpenter

It has been a weird first few months of the year. I’ve found it hard to focus on writing. Found it hard to just sit down and get on with it. Too easily distracted by other things, projects that gave me an excuse to work on those instead of writing. I don’t think I have writer’s block. More a kind of general writer’s malaise. I hope writing two of my favourite characters, Jarvez and Alyn, in this new draft will get me excited for writing again.

Wish me luck!


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