Week one progress report

Not a bad week. Not perfect, but definitely a decent start to the new year.

Key goals progress:

  • 1000 words per day: DONE! 1000+ each day and since 1st of Jan have done 8480. For this week only, starting Monday 2nd, 7425 words.
  • Cover 15 miles extra distance: Between gym machines and outdoor walking I managed just a hair over 17, since the 2nd. So that’s excellent. On the weekend if the weather is good I’m enjoying getting out in the fresh air instead of being inside in the gym. My progress on the Hobbiton to Rivendell challenge (458 miles) now stands at 49 miles since 10th of December.
  • 1 hour reading per day. Didn’t manage this every day, missed it on two.

I did most okay on my other smaller goals, though failed a bit on things to do today, Sunday, since I spent rather too ling lazing about watching The Walking Dead. Must do better next weekend. And some habits I’m doing fine on, while others, not so much!

Books or shorts read and listened to this week:

hexmaker A Private Miscellany


Check out my Instagram, where I’m trying to post every day, mostly of pictures I’ve taken myself.

Next week’s all about continuing the good stuff and getting the rest right too. For one thing, getting to bed in good time. And that’s where I’m off to now.

4 thoughts on “Week one progress report

    1. If I want to try the 10,000 steps I’ll have to get a Fitbit or Google Watch or something. Phone can count steps, but I con’t carry it everywhere! And every pedometer I’ve tried is useless.

      1. My pedometer is made by Omron walking style 4 and works fine for me. I clip it to my jeans pocket when I get up and remove it when I undress. It tells me in steps, miles and kcals used. Got it online.

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