Week 3 Progress Report

Wow, we’re three quarters of the way through January already. I’m still doing well on the key goals of Writing – 1000 words a day done every day this week! 7408 for the whole week. And on exercise of 15 miles of extra distance a week. This week got 15.71. All in the gym, because the weather wasn’t inspiring me to take a walk this weekend. Still having trouble getting in reading time. Must do better on that one!

So the novel started for NaNoWriMo last year is the one I’m drafting. It’s currently on 60408. Can’t be more than 10k words worth of story left – famous last words. I’m feeling well into the story and excited by in. The momentum of daily progress is an important part of that. I’m also working on the editing of the short I was drafting earlier in the month.

With the exercise, my Hobbiton to Rivendell challenge now stands at 82.34 miles out of 458, so just a hair under 18% of the way there.

Books I’m reading or have read or listened to this week:

so-this-is-christmas undertow hidden-figures

That’s it! Kind of boring I admit. But gotta keep myself accountable.


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