Week 4 Progress report – Danger! Danger!

This last week was that dangerous time of January. The weather is bleak The initial enthusiasm for resolutions starts to wear thin. The sofa starts to look a lot comfier than anything you’ll find at the gym. If you tried to change too much at once with your resolutions it’s starting to get really hard. (The key thing to remember is, you don’t have start on all your resolutions on Januaury 1, or even in January at all. Do one in January, get that going well, then in February add the next one. So you get one bedded in before doing more.)

Right, so that’s a lead up to saying there was a bit of backsliding this week. I missed a gym session. I was feeling a bit ill, but I could have gone the next day. I didn’t. Oh well! I will do better this week. I’ve changed the week back to running Saturday to Friday – and doing my weekly progress review on Friday, so should be doing these posts in Friday or Saturday from now on.

Okay so key goals

  • Cover 15 extra miles per week: Only got 9.93 because of that missed gym session.
  • Write 1000 words a day: 7/7 on that one. Also doing some editing of another story.
  • One hour reading a day: Doing better on that one. Not quite 100%, but getting there. And have done more audiobook listening after not doing much of that for a couple of weeks.

Going forward – we’re getting into February. By end of February I want to have pushed the distance up to 16 miles a week. The goal is to add an extra mile for the week each month until by mid year I’m doing 20 miles a week. This means either doing more sessions, or longer sessions, or going faster and further. Still tracking everything, so I’ll be able to see if I’m kicking it up a notch in terms of working harder. I’ve started having a later evening session at the gym during the week, when it’s quieter, the straight after work crowd long gone. That also gets me up and off the PC (once the writing is done!) So I don’t sit midnlessly nooding around until midnght. Writing, gym, bed! (Well in bed with a book.)

Read and listened to this week

undertow casr9 tbolts-9 casr10 hidden-figures

Watching this week


Hobbiton to Rivendell challenge was at 86.58 of 458 miles on Friday 27th. Around 19% Figures maybe a bit weird, and not as far on as they should be from last week’s figure, due to changing my start of week date, since last weekends figures end up included in this week. Whatever!

Check out my Instagram if you want. Currently posting every day on there.

img_20170129_105547_900 img_20170127_203839_582 img_20170124_205426_387 img_20170126_224013_536

Okay, bring on week 5, here comes February!


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