Weekly progress – staying accountable into February.

It’s February already. The snowdrops are out in my garden, and there are things shooting up that look suspiciously like daffodils. It’ll be Easter before we know it, I swear.

So, this weeks progress on the key goals

1000 words a day. Only got a 5/7 on this one last week. One day lost to PC issues and one bacuase I had to spend the time finishing off getting a story ready to submit ahead of a deadline. Got 5132 words for the week. Better than a slap in the face with a dead fish.

15 miles of extra distance (rising to 16 by the end of this month.) Got 16.38 this week, all gym based. Just need to keep that up then. I reached the 100 miles mark for the Hobbiton to Rivendell challenge and am currently on 103 miles, 22.5% of the way there.

1 hour of reading every day. Managed most days – if I count in the audiobooks! But I don’t want to include them in that total, so have to pull finger out on making reading time.

I’m almost finished the novel draft I’m writing. After that I’ll be working on the edit of one I’ve been wresting with for over a year now. It’s a pretty extensive edit – closer to a rewrite. Some days I’ll likely have 1000 new words to add to it in new scenes, but other days it’s going to be rewrites and edits. So best plan is to change to a time based goal, say 90 minutes of work on it a day. I’ll still record number of words when I write new scenes or other extensive blocks of new words.

Read or still reading this week:

dancer-of-death ninefox-gambit

alien-out-of-the-shadows watership-down

The Alien one is actually a full cast dramatisation, and the actor playing Ripley gets her voice absolutely spot on. It was very easy to forget I wasn’t actually listening to Sigourney Weaver. And I’ve watched Alien and Aliens a lot.

Also still watching Game of Thrones season 6 – well actually onto the second go through, but with the commentary tracks. There’s one for every episode and sometimes 2! I love commentaries.


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