Weekly progress report 4th to 10th February

So this week I finished the draft I was working on, so the key goals have to be tweaked a bit.

1000 words a day. This one had to change a bit as I was done with the draft on Tuesday. So the next couple of days I had to make sure I allocated a block of time for editing. Did have a day off on Friday as I went to a concert in the evening. But now I’m going in and writing new scenes for that story, so until that’s done I’ll be back on the 1000 words a day.

15 miles of extra distance (rising to 16 by the end of this month.) Got 15.99 miles. Now got just under 119 miles for the Hobbiton to Rivendell challenge.

1 hour of reading every day. Doing better on this. I had a DNF books this week. In fact I hardly started it, but I couldn’t be doing with it, so now I’m reading a book about cats – much more fun. And still listening to those poor bunnies and their problems.


Talk to the Tail



Okay, onwards and upwards!


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