It’s been a week

Hello my lovely readers. I have a couple of bits of news to pass on.

Biggest news

Possibly if you’ve been around erom Twitter or Facebook circles over the weekend you might have seen the news that the publisher Loose Id is closing down in May next year. I’ve got 15 books with Loose Id, so this was a bit of a shocker.

Not as bad a shocker as it might have been. If you read my previous blog entry, The Seven Year Hitch, you’ll know I’ve decided to move on from erotic romance. So I wasn’t going to be submitting anything new to Loose Id, but I was going to be happy to have the previous books available via Loose Id for the foreseeable future. Well, now that’s changed. Looks like I’m not the only one getting out of the genre, where it’s become increasingly hard for authors and publishers to make any money. I’m not going to start ranting about why. Other people can analyse that better than me and there isn’t much to be done about it.

How does this affect you readers? As of now, Loose Id’s site is still there and will be selling books until the closure happens. The books will also be available from all the usual retailers. If you’ve bought a book direct from Loose Id’s site, make sure you’ve downloaded it and backed it up. Ones you bought from Amazon will remain in your Kindle library even once the books are no longer available for sale on the site. I don’t use a Nook or Kobo myself, but they presumably work the same way. Contact their customer services people if you need to.

How does it affect the availability of the books? Loose Id will be returning the rights to their authors, leaving us free to sell to another publisher, or self-publish. By May next year I’ll have all of the rights, but I have some whose rights will revert to me before the closure. As of today, I haven’t made a final decision about what I do with the books, attempt to sell them elsewhere, or self-publish. Depending on what I do this could lead to some or even all of them being unavailable for some period of time next year. But I do intend to get them back out there and available again. Right now everything Loose Id published is available to buy through all the usual channels.

Other news

Speaking of things not being available, right now my short story Role Model isn’t. The anthology it was published in, Hot Off the Press, from Dreamspinner Press, is out of print, though you could find the print edition through such sites as eBay, or the Amazon Marketplace. But it will be back! The story will be published on its own for the first time in February 2018, by JMS Books. I’ll post about the release date when I have it. I’m looking forward to seeing it out there again, with a spiffy new cover.

5 thoughts on “It’s been a week

  1. It’s so sad about Loose-id it has always been a favourite site but everything is changing but great news on your story “Role Model” I’ll look out for it.

  2. I’ve been off radar so Loose ID is news to me. Another sad loss – at least they are giving a decent notice period and doing this in a civilised manner. I’d say self-publish as you’ve already got the experience for that, but is it more hassle than finding another publisher?

    1. Yes, there is at least a plan, so I hope it goes smoothly.

      I’ve dabbled in self-publishing a bit, and I know I can format an ebook for Smashwords and Amazon. The tricky part is covers. They cost money, which is fine if I can expect to make that money back, but at this point, I don’t think I would.

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