It begins…

I have the rights for two of my Loose Id books back now. There’ll be a few more before I get the remainder on the 15th of May. So it’s happening! Game on. Those two, Liar’s Waltz and Chrysalis Cage, are now available again, on Amazon and Smashwords and soon to be on the sites Smashwords cascades to. Just waiting with fingers crossed for them to be accepted into the “Premium Catalogue.”

Appropriate that Liar’s Waltz is one of them, since that was my very first published book back in January 2011. And now it’s the first of the ex-Loose Id ones I put out myself. I’ve made that one cheaper than the others in that series will be – to hopefully draw in some new readers.

If you already own these, rest assured, there are no changes to the text. I did a read through and a couple of tweaks for errors If found, but I don’t have the time or the motivation to make any big changes.

Liar’s Waltz – Travelers #1

Bar owner Karl thinks his new lover is an ally in the fight to save Eternity — the last gay bar on space station Saira. But Greg is actually a reluctant spy desperately trying to salvage his military career.

See the book page for buy links.
Available in ebook.
Excerpt: Read Chapter 1

Chrysalis Cage – Travelers #5

Rebel fighter Jarrett is helpless in the care of Marc, an Earther who considers him a terrorist. Jarrett’s only chance of escape is to seduce Marc before he claims the huge reward on Jarrett’s head.

See the book page for buy links.
Available in ebook
Excerpt: Read an excerpt here.

The new editions are on Goodreads. Next I have to figure out how to get Amazon to attach the reviews from the Loose Id edition to this one. It’s done from Author Central apparently. I’ll figure it out.

Next up in February will be Higher Ground and Tempting the Stars.

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